Emily in Paris season 3 ending explained – who will Emily end up with?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 21, 2022 (Last updated: December 31, 2022)
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Emily in Paris season 3 ending explained - who will Emily end up with?


A drama-filled finale that closes the chapter on the best season of Emily in Paris yet!

This recap of the Netflix series Emily in Paris season 3, episode 10, “Charade,” contains spoilers, including an open discussion of the Emily in Paris Season 3 ending.

We have reached the final episode of season 3 of Emily in Paris. Emily seems to be finally settling into her relationship with Alfie, and Gabriel is achieving his dream, but we know this is a finale and everything is off the table. So let’s dive in.

Emily in Paris season 3, episode 10 recap

The episode begins with Gabriel introducing Emily to his Mami. In the middle of the two bonding, Camille had brought flowers into the kitchen, and Mami told her to get them out. Instead, Gabriel tells her to be nice, and she says it’s as nice as she needs to be. Following that, Mami asks Emily to test her soup. Next, Camille announces they are having an engagement party and invites Emily and Alfie. Then, Emily asks for the recipe, and Mami responds, “there is no recipe. You know when something is right, and something is wrong.” Of course, we all know she meant that about Camille and Gabriel.

We have a meeting at the marketing agency where the group is chatting up what is ahead for the agency. At lunch, Emily and Mindy are having lunch together, and they spot Camille and Sofia together arguing. Camille sees Emily, so the duo head over to the table to talk to them. It goes about as awkward as it can be. After they leave, Mindy says that Emily has to tell Gabriel that Sofia is in town.

With Gabriel trying to get that Michelin star for his new restaurant, we found out during the meeting that Luc had an ex-girlfriend who was a Michelin inspector. So, Luc is on the hunt to get her to come to the restaurant. Alfie and Emily arrive at the opening and sit down to eat with Mindy. Emily asks where Nicolas is, and he says he can’t make it, but Emily believes it’s about her.

Luc has come through with getting his ex to come to the restaurant opening. Next, Emily attempts to go into the kitchen to warn Gabriel of her being there. But, at the table, Luc is being REALLY weird and about to blow his cover. Next, Alfie tells Mindy about what happened at her party with Emily and Nico. Finally, Mindy apologizes on his behalf and leaves to confront him.

When she arrives home, Mindy and Nico start to have a significant argument about what he did. They go back and forth about what happened, but she says he must meet with her this weekend and try fixing things because Emily is her family. Nico says he will think about it but tells him to think hard about it and leaves.

The following day, Luc tells Emily that she loves the restaurant. Emily asks if he thinks it will lead to a star, but Luc says she has to eat there multiple times before forming a full opinion. Next, we see Sylvie enter the room to tell them that Turner & Ascot are there to listen to Julien’s pitch. The presentation goes well until Emily mentions an idea, and Julien gets upset at Emily for trying to upstage him. Sadly, we see Julien send an email saying he is considering the offer he received.

Emily and Alfie arrive at the chateau for the party, where Camille welcomes them and has them a room set up. However, we find out that Mami isn’t coming cause “the restaurant” is open and someone has to cook. Camille admits she thinks she hates her (she does). Moments later, Emily sees Gabriel walking with a bottle in his hand, and she can’t help but keep her eyes on him. They exchange a little wave.

Mindy is at her place, waiting for Nico, who doesn’t seem like he will show up. She hears a knock on the door, but it’s Benoit, and he tells Mindy that their song has been accepted into the Eurovision Song Contest. She freaks out, and as they are about to share a kiss, Nico calls to find out where she is at. Timothee (Camille’s brother) arrives and is happy to see Emily. However, he fixates on her and asks her to introduce her “friend” to him. She says this is my boyfriend Alfie, and Timothee says, “boyfriend, I’ve never heard about you.” Alfie says likewise. An extremely awkward moment.

Emily overhears Camille talking to Sofia on the phone, and Emily says she needs to tell Gabrielle about her, but she says she won’t because they are over and it was just a fling. She follows that up with “just like you and Gabriel” and walks out. As Camille’s father gets ready to give a toast, Mindy and Nico arrive in a helicopter, disrupting the entire thing. Nico apologizes to Emily, and Mindy and Emily share a little moment.

Emily in Paris Season 3 ending explained

At the restaurant, Marianne (Luc’s ex) tells Luc that the life of Gabriel is about to change because he is heading for a Michelin star. Luc texts Emily that he needs to talk to her ASAP. Then, Emily pulls Gabriel aside to let Luc tell him the big news. Gabriel gives her a HUGE hug and thanks her for everything Emily has done for him. However, Camille sees the exchange and runs off. This moment leads to Gabriel finding Camille and saying they should get married right now. Of course, Camille says yes.

We see them inside, sharing their vows, but Camille stops and says that Gabriel doesn’t have to do this. She says they are only together because she knows he is in love with Emily. Then, she says that she made a pact with Emily that neither of them would ever date him, so he would never see her again. Alfie asks Emily if this is true, but Camille continues to say that everyone knows that the two of them are in love with each other and everyone needs to stop pretending.

Alfie stands up and tells Emily that he is nobody’s second choice and to get her man. She tries to tell him that he is her man, but Alfie says he doesn’t think he ever was. On the balcony, Gabriel asks Emily about the pact and her feelings for him. She says they’ve always been there, and he says it’s been hard for him too. Gabriel hits her with a BOMBSHELL that Camille didn’t come back to revive their relationship but that she is pregnant. WHAT AN ENDING! Oh my GOD!

Honestly, I mentioned this in my full review of the series, but this was hands down the best season of Emily in Paris. I think everyone involved in this show is starting to find their form, from the writers to the directors, and this was Lily Collins’s best work to date in the role of Emily. What an incredible final episode leading into season 4.

What did you think of Emily in Paris season 3, episode 10? Do you have any thoughts on the Emily in Paris season 3 ending? Comment below.

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