Where was Rye Lane filmed? Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 1, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)

Where was Rye Lane filmed? We discuss the popular Hulu film and its filming locations. It does not contain any major spoilers. 

Rye Lane has been delighting audiences at theatres with its unique cinematography, quirky perspectives, and clever script. The story has a simple premise, with two young twenty-somethings meeting at an art gallery.

Dom is crying, Yas tries to console him, the two start bonding and their backstories unfold. Both have had bad breakups and find they have a lot in common.

However, for many, especially in the UK, the film feels like a love letter to the South of London, where the action takes place. With this location being so prominent in the production, we thought it might be an idea to find out where Rye Lane was filmed.

Where was the movie Rye Lane filmed? A Breakdown of Filming Locations

Peckham Rye Station, Coal Rooms

The film opens with an easy-to-spot station setting. Heartbroken, Dom is crying in the toilets of the station’s former ticket office, now a restaurant and bar known as Coal Rooms.

Rye Lane Market, Peckham

The market is again a comfortable spot, with the film’s location becoming a character in itself. This vibrant area is scattered with small eclectic background moments that give the film its unique style.

Morley’s Restaurant, Peckham

A flashback scene was filmed in the South London chicken restaurant Morley’s. Recognized by Londoners across the city, Morley’s is a popular dine-in and takeaway institution, much loved and instantly recognizable.

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It is an establishment that in itself has achieved almost cult status.

Brockwell Park, South London

Brockwell Park is a 50.8-hectare park located south of Brixton, in Herne Hill and Tulse Hill, in South London. The ornamental garden park offered a different setting, changing up the scenes and leaving the restaurants and storefronts for a while.

Nour Cash And Carry Brixton

A location that director Raine Allen-Miller remembers from her childhood is the warehouse she would be taken to by her Grandmother as a child. It is here that our two leads buy Supermalts to drink and meet actor-comedian Michael Dapaah in a small cameo.

The Ritzy, Brixton

Located in Windrush Square, this is a cinema that shows an amazing selection of films, with an emphasis on indie and less traditional movies than your local multiplex. Dom is seen crying into his popcorn in this very theatre.

Peckhamplex, Rye Lane

Of course, this cinema would also feature in the movie. Director Raine was determined to film here, as the cinema champions cheap tickets for movie viewers and has been a much-loved theatre for film fans for many years.

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