Rye Lane Review – a vibrant romantic comedy with a fun UK edge

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: March 31, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)


It is an electric, vibrant, and razor-sharp rom-com for the new age of modern dating.

We review the 2023 Hulu film Rye Lane, which does not contain spoilers. 

The world has drastically changed, especially in the dating scene. It’s hard to stay with one person because they fear getting hurt again.

Instead of keeping all their eggs in one basket, they spread them around and keep some on rotation. Sadly, the idea of romance in a relationship is hard to come by because of all the rules in place. But the older we get, the more we realize there are no set rules because everyone is different.

Rye Lane Review and Plot Summary

One day in South London at an art gallery, Dom (David Jonsson) and Yas (Vivian Oparah) meet unexpectedly. Dom was crying in the bathroom stall, and Yas, in an offputting way, consoled him.

They meet again in the art gallery again because Yas notices his shoes and asks if he is doing better. Thus begins a full day of Dom telling Yas about his break-up and how his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend.

Romantic comedies can sometimes work and be incredible or fall into the generic category, making people drop out of the genre.

Rye Lane is a rom-com that feels refreshing because of the humor and how fast-paced relationships can form in today’s generation. This movie shows that there can be someone out there who will listen to your issues and understand who you are rather than trying to change you.

It’s all about accepting the other person, which gives you the confidence to be your beautiful self because they allow you to do so.

Is the 2023 movie Rye Lane good?

There were many films at Sundance that didn’t hit, like Rye Lane. It felt like a bolt of energy from the second it started. Co-writers Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia capture the essence of dating today and how hard it is to find a genuine connection.

This simple 24 hours of Dom and Yas getting to know each other through their past experiences and being honest with each other is the most important aspect of their budding relationship.

They hold nothing back from each other and are open about their past. Sure, it can be seen as a friendship, but truly understanding the other person is a beautiful form of acceptance. The writing is razor-sharp, and it feels like a random day that went well for Dom and Yas. The universe was pulling them together, and everything fell into place.

This really easy energy between Jonsson and Oparah makes this movie feel like a brisk walk in the park. It’s fast-paced and wickedly funny when they encounter each other’s exes, and the direction from Raine Allen-Miller was solid. Even though it is a romantic comedy, Allen-Miller had fun with the camera, and there were some bold choices to keep the day moving.

It is a wonderful rom-com with so much heart and depth to the relationships that people can form effortlessly. The more you don’t try, things can just come together without an explanation. If it’s easy to talk to someone and naturally evolve the relationship day by day, then you have something special right there. Whether platonic or romantic, you should fight for that and hold onto it.

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