Top 20 Best and Highest Rated Movies On Hulu of All Time

January 30, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Keep this page handy as we celebrate and list what are deemed to be the Top 20 Best and Highest Rated Movies On Hulu of All Time.

In 2007, Hulu was introduced to the world and offered movies and TV shows from various studios. However, it wasn’t until Disney’s acquisition in 2019 that the streaming platform started producing and making original films and shows. The first feature film released on the streaming platform was the zombie comedy Little Monsters. We’ve used the Rotten Tomatoes scores to establish the best Hulu Original movies that you can stream right now. 

Top 20 Best and Highest Rated Movies On Hulu of All Time

20. No Exit (2022)

The claustrophobic thriller based on the book by Taylor Adams had critics and audiences talking about the wild twists and turns for days after the film. 

Official Premise: During a blizzard and stranded at an isolated highway rest stop in the mountains, a college student discovers a kidnapped child hidden in a car belonging to one of the people inside.

Cast: Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez, David Rysdahl

Rotten Tomatoes: 61.00%

19. The Princess (2022)

The Princess is a showcase for the talents of Joey King, but the film is overwrought with over-the-top villains and redundant action scenes.

Official Premise: When a strong-willed princess refuses to wed the cruel sociopath, she is kidnapped and locked in a remote tower of her father’s castle. With her vindictive suitor intent on taking her father’s throne, the princess must save the kingdom.

Cast: Joey King, Olga Kurylenko, Antoni Davidov

Rotten Tomatoes: 61.00%

18. Bad Hair (2018)

Dear White People director Justin Siemien brought us this creepy horror thriller highlighting what someone is willing to do to make it to the top. 

Official Premise: In 1989, an ambitious young woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. However, her flourishing career may come at a great cost when she realizes that her new hair may have a mind of its own.

Cast: Zaria Kelley, Corinne Massiah, Elle Lorraine

Rotten Tomatoes: 63.00%

17. Hellraiser (2022)

Hellraiser feels a little too slick and polished for its own good but is still undoubtedly one of the best entries in the franchise.

Official Premise: A take on Clive Barker’s 1987 horror classic where a young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites.

Cast: Odessa A’zion, Jamie Clayton, Adam Faison

Rotten Tomatoes: 65.00%

16. Boss Level (2021)

Frank Grillo capably fronts the incredibly entertaining Boss Level, which puts the Groundhog Day time-loop gimmick to use in sending up the action genre.

Official Premise Trapped in a time loop that constantly repeats the day of his murder, a former special forces agent must unlock the mystery behind his untimely demise.

Cast: Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts

Rotten Tomatoes: 73.00%

15. Not Okay (2022)

Not Okay is a lightning-quick, irreverent comedy with a breakout performance from Mia Isaac.

Official Premise: An ambitious young woman finds followers and fame when she poses as the survivor of a deadly attack, but she soon learns that online notoriety comes with a terrible price.

Cast: Zoey Deutch, Mia Isaac, Dylan O’Brien

Rotten Tomatoes: 73.00%

14. Rosaline (2022)

Rosaline takes a classic story and gives it a fresh perspective. The film has a lot of heart, the dialog is full of wit, and the characters are well-rounded.

Official Premise: A comedic retelling of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” told from the point of view of Romeo’s jilted ex, Rosaline, the woman Romeo first claims to love before he falls for Juliet.

Cast: Kaitlyn Dever, Isabela Merced, Sean Teale

Rotten Tomatoes: 74.00%

13. The Valet (2022)

Derbez and Weaving elevate The Valet as a perfect addition to the romantic comedy genre.

Official Premise: A movie star enlists a parking valet at a Beverly Hills restaurant to pose as her lover to cover for her relationship with a married man.

Cast: Eugenio Derbez, Samara Weaving, Max Greenfield

Rotten Tomatoes: 75.00%

12. Crush (2022)

Hulu’s Crush is a cute but customary and predictable rom-com.

Official Premise: An aspiring young artist joins her high school track team and later discovers what real love feels like when she finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate.

Cast: Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho, Isabella Ferreira

Rotten Tomatoes: 77.00%

11. Little Monsters (2019)

Hulu’s first original feature film not only was a smash hit with critics, but it boasts a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score from the audience. 

Official Premise: A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids’-show personality to protect young children from a sudden outbreak of zombies.

Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Alexander Englad, Josh Gad

Rotten Tomatoes: 80.00%

10. Fresh (2022)

Sebastian Stan gives a career-defining performance as Fresh is an incredibly written and directed thriller.

Official Premise: Noa who meets the alluring Steve at a grocery store and – given her frustration with dating apps – takes a chance and gives him her number.

Cast: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sebastian Stan, Jojo T. Gibbs

Rotten Tomatoes: 82.00%

9. Happiest Seasons (2020)

The 2021 GLAAD Media Award winner for Outstanding Film (Wide Release), starring Academy Award nominee Kristen Stewart highlights the highs and lows of relationships through the holidays. 

Official Premise: A holiday romantic comedy that captures the range of emotions tied to wanting your family’s acceptance, being true to yourself, and trying not to ruin Christmas by revealing a nasty secret.

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Mary Steenburgen

Rotten Tomatoes: 82.00%

8. Big Time Adolescence (2019)

The 2019 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize Nominee is Jason Orley’s feature film debut which opened the door for Orley to make the 2022 film I Want You Back

Official Premise: A suburban teenager comes of age under the destructive guidance of his best friend, an aimless college dropout.

Cast: Griffin Gluck, Pete Davidson, Sydney Sweeney

Rotten Tomatoes: 85.00%

7. Matriarch (2022)

Maybe the most controversial film on the list as it sits at 85% with critics but a low 40% with audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Our review is in the middle by saying, Matriarch is hindered by painful overacting and a weak script but contains some decent special effects work and a wild ending that surpasses its low-budget limitations. 

Official Premise: Afflicted with a mysterious disease after surviving an overdose, a woman returns to her childhood home to confront her personal demons but instead discovers a real one.

Cast: Jemima Rooper, Kate Dickie, Sarah Paul

Rotten Tomatoes: 85.00%

6. Run (2020)

Run is one of the most twisted, wild films that I’ve ever watched. The film features incredible performances by Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen. 

Official Premise: A homeschooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.

Cast: Sarah Paulson, Kiera Allen, Sara Sohn

Rotten Tomatoes: 89.00%

5. Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (2022)

The 2022 Sundance Film Festival film took the world by storm, which led to Emma Thompson receiving a 2023 Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy) for her role as Nancy Stoke.

Official Premise: Nancy Stokes, a retired school teacher, is yearning for some adventure and some sex. And she has a plan, which involves hiring a young sex worker named Leo Grande.

Cast: Ricardo Darin, Gina Mastronicola, Francisco Bertin

Rotten Tomatoes: 93.00%

4. Prey (2022)

One of the biggest surprises of 2022, Prey is the best thing that’s happened to the Predator franchise since the original movie, but it also can stand on its own as a compelling fight between a native woman trying to prove herself and a technologically-advanced alien.

Official Premise: Naru, a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.

Cast: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro

Rotten Tomatoes: 93.00%

3. Fire Island (2022)

Fire Island is a funny and enjoyable romantic comedy with a sense of community.

Official Premise: A group of queer best friends gather in Fire Island Pines for their annual week of love and laughter, but a sudden change of events might make this their last summer in gay paradise.

Cast: Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers, James Scully

Rotten Tomatoes: 94.00%

2. Palm Springs (2020)

One of Hulu’s most decorated films when it comes to awards included Andy Samberg getting a nomination at the 2020 Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical. The film was a critic’s darling popping up in a wide range of critics groups for best Original Screenplay. 

Official Premise: Stuck in a time loop, two wedding guests develop a budding romance while living the same day over and over again.

Cast: Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K. Simmons

Rotten Tomatoes: 94.00%

1. Plan B (2021)

Plan B is a stellar comedy about two girls reeling from a high school party and learning about one another along the way, giving a showcase for young actors up to the task.

Official Premise: Follows a straight-laced high school student and her slacker best friend who, after a regrettable first sexual encounter, have 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in America’s heartland.

Cast: Kuhoo Verma, Victoria Moroles, Michael Provost

Rotten Tomatoes: 96.00%

And that completes our Top 20 Best and Highest Rated Movies On Hulu of All Time list. What’s your favorite movie on Hulu? Comment below.

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