Selling Sunset season 4 review – a revival and a civil war

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 23, 2021 (Last updated: May 19, 2023)
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Netflix reality series Selling Sunset season 4


Now that we have reached the fourth season, it’s safe to say that Netflix has found their golden reality series — this could go on for years, and we are all here for it.

This review of the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset season 4 does not contain spoilers. 

I do feel like I’m approaching this review with my pants down, completely embarrassed. In the first two seasons of Selling Sunset, I gave less than favorable reviews (and that’s me being kind). But, by the time I reached season 3, I ashamedly found myself engrossed in the concept. There was a belief that this reality show was too artificial for its own good. An idea that watching wealthy gorgeous women who sell hot property, finding drama to fill up their days was a waste of time — “do they not think about the less fortunate?!” But I had completely missed the point. The entire focus of Selling Sunset is the absurdity of it all. For these people, cocktails and starters and gossiping about what happened in the latest team meeting is what they live and breathe for, and this series embraces it.

And oh boy, have I embraced it.

So with my indirect apology out of the way, I review season 4 of Selling Sunset as an unashamed fan. The finale of season 3 was explosive; the wedding drama and the crushing blow served to Chrishell by Davina was difficult to consume. There was a sense of unknowingness — “what will season 4 bring?”

Well, there’s been a pandemic since, but Selling Sunset has managed to flex and bring content anyway. Season 4 brings a replenished and refreshed estate agent team, selling the hottest properties to the wealthy and famous. Expect high-profile acquaintances and guest celebrities. There are no half-measures in the fourth season.

However, season 4 is way less about the properties this time around. There is a vicious cyclical premise that does not go away. While we can gleefully watch the revived and conquering Chrishell, there’s a sore point in The Oppenheim Group — Christine Quinn. Whether you love or loathe the real estate agent, the blurb for season 4 is “Christine versus world.” Taking on pregnancy like it is nothing, Christine finds herself in the midst of civil war.

And yes, “civil war” is a tad dramatic, and I will not dwell even further, so season 4 is not spoiled, but there’s a lot to learn. The fourth installment considers how social circles can be vicious and tactical. Many times in season 4, I was stunned by the transparency of actions. And while audiences will find it easy to sit in a team, Selling Sunset is a stark reminder that we are all human. We are all trying to live. We are all flawed.

And with Christine taking center stage, the rest of the season feels like bite-sized subplots. Two new estate agents are introduced that earnestly add to the flavor of the team, personal milestones are met, and the twin brothers bring forward an exciting reveal. Season 4 is undoubtedly a transition chapter, but one that is easy to compartmentalize in the grand scheme of the concept.

Now that we have reached the fourth season, it’s safe to say that Netflix has found their golden reality series — this could go on for years, and we are all here for it.

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