Life & Beth season 1 – do Beth and John end up together?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 18, 2022 (Last updated: March 8, 2023)
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Do Beth and John end up together in Life & Beth season 1 - hulu series

This article, “do Beth and John end up together,” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s Life & Beth season 1.

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Well, score one for the socially awkward, gawky, and geeky farmer in all of us. I’m sure all the girls on Little House on the Prairie dreamed of John, who is not exactly the stud plowing the field. His beard is scraggly at best, thinner than most tether poles. However, he has confidence and charisma in a way that nothing rattles or bothers him. It is the type of guy Beth typically does not fall for and would dismiss. 

Beth even dumps her boyfriend, Matt, after meeting him. It was not precisely for John, but he is on her radar. She left her date with the most popular single male thirty-something on the Island, Travis, so that she could go to a birthday party John was throwing for his 90-year-old friend (played briefly by June Squibb). The following day, helping John with the harvest, he is direct with her. They are attracted to each other, but this may be a mistake.

However, they throw caution to the wind and take in a fair, have sex on a lush green lawn, and John dumps his girlfriend the next morning. 

Do Beth and John end up together in Life & Beth season 1?

There is a tragedy when things are going very well for John and Beth. One of Beth’s oldest friends Maya’s grandfather has passed away. When they go to the funeral and spend time in public together around Beth’s inner circle, the bubble begins to burst. All of John’s quirks are exposed that are not necessarily appropriate for this particular social situation, since he cannot stop talking about his boat. He is very direct instead of cordial. John even texts during the funeral service. He even forces his way out of the homegoing to check on his boat, which is not respectful considering the situation.

This upset Beth, and they have a fight where she characterizes their relationship as being so connected and so alone at the same time. When Beth is about to break up with John, she realizes how much she cares for him. They talk, briefly, about what they want for the future, including children. It is at that moment she falls in love with him. 

And, what puts her over the top in love with John is him being thoughtful. He doesn’t own a television, but he knows she loves watching reality television. He buys one for his home for her. Beth knows how hard this is for him.

It represents how she found a relationship where someone makes an effort to make her happy that is genuine and not fake or has strings attached. Beth, now, has finally reached a place in her life where she is happy.

The question is: Is Beth able to sustain her relationship with John, unlike her mother, who struggled in this area?

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