Will Christine Quinn be in Selling Sunset Season 7?

May 24, 2023
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Will Christine Quinn be in Selling Sunset Season 7? We discuss the Reality TV show “Villain” and whether she will return to Selling Sunset.

Who would have thought a series about real estate agents would have been so popular?

I would have liked to have been in on the pitch meeting for that one to see the level of enthusiasm for the show going forward. However, someone had a finger on the pulse, so Selling Sunset was commissioned and hit the ground running.

Adam DiVello created the Netflix reality show and was no stranger to reality TV.

Adam is a producer and writer and is most known for shows such as The Hills and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

This particular series, Selling Sunset, follows the ups and downs of The Oppenheim Group. The successful business venture was founded by Jason Oppenheim and his twin brother Brett in 2014.

The company is found at the high end of the real estate industry and operates in Los Angeles, with offices in Newport Beach and West Hollywood.

Throughout the show, you will meet the twins behind the business and other agents that include Amanza Smith, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae, Maya Vander, and the irrepressible Christine Quinn.

Fans of the show have their favorites, but there has been some speculation over Christine Quinn and her position in the series moving forward, so here is a deep dive into Selling Sunset, and in particular, the answer to the question, will Christine Quinn be in Season Seven of Selling Sunset?

Will Christine Quinn be in Selling Sunset Season 7?

No, Christine will not be showing up in Selling Sunset Season 7. It has been confirmed that Christine will not be in the show.

Why did Christine Quinn quit Selling Sunset?

There has not been any official confirmation of why Christine has left the show. However, there are a few theories that fans of the show have put forward. Season Five of the series was quite the roller coaster for the cast, and Christine seemed to be at the heart of many issues.

The word online seems to support that incredible tensions with Christine and the other agents were the start of the ultimate fallout, and there were some fiery scenes in season five.

There was also some major controversy over Christine allegedly bribing one of Emma’s clients, and it seems that The Oppenheim Group didn’t want her back.

Was she pushed, or did she jump? We still don’t know for sure. What did you think? There was a reunion for the cast, but Christine claimed to have Covid and did not attend.

Was Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset Season 6?

Despite some speculation about a return, the controversial agent was not in season six.

Where is Christine Quinn now?

Christine is certainly not one to sit back and relax and has several projects on the go. She would start her brokerage, RealOpen, with her husband, Christian Dumontet, which made some fans wonder if there would be an option for Christine to return to the show as a rival to the Oppenheimer Group, but that does not seem to be happening.

Christine also released her first book, How to Be a Boss B*tch.

As if there wasn’t enough going on, the 34-year-old focused on her love of the fashion industry and, in 2022, would appear on the runway for Couture Week.

With plans to break into acting, it seems that we have not seen anywhere near the end of Christine’s career.

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