Selling Sunset season 5 ending explained – do Jason and Chrishell break-up? Is Christine fired?

April 22, 2022
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This recap of Netflix’s Selling Sunset season 5, episode 10 — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

Cast your eyes back to the ending of season 4. Christine was on the outskirts of the battleground, leaving her ex-friends to take on the world of real estate. There was no forgiveness. She showed no shame in the bloodshed. Quite frankly, Christine does not give a s**t, and we suspect she never will. She’s the perfect makeup for a reality TV series villain — unpredictable, but she also offers this frustrating glimmer of hope that she may change. At the same time, there’s this acceptance that the agents at The Oppenheim Group are conducting a severe “workplace bullying” troupe, salivating over tabloid headlines to keep on adding the debt to Christine’s moral compass. 

Selling Sunset season 5 ending explained

However, Selling Sunset offers the possibility that there may be peace at The Oppenheim Group, with Christine remaining on the sidelines but enjoying her new friendship with Chelsea. To be honest, Chelsea is Christine’s soundboard; the ending of season 5 makes a predictable claim — Christine says she is done with the bullshit. 

But the ending of season 5 sees Heather enjoying her dream wedding. It’s a beautiful start to episode 10 as she and her husband exchange loving vows. Emma has also found potential romance, but there’s a lot of mixing business with pleasure. 

But the real story of the ending of Selling Sunset season 5 is Chrishell and Jason. Chrishell has been the series’ sweetheart, falling victim to a hectic divorce and having to find a way to love herself again. Falling in love with Jason felt like a new era, but surely their relationship will not last a single season? However, the ending sees Chrishell’s friends wanting to meet Jason — they are worried that she will be broken by a man again. Meanwhile, Jason deliberates whether he wants a child.

But unfortunately, Jason makes a heartbreaking decision of not wanting children, leaving Chrishell single again. This one hurts. Mostly because Chrishell looked genuinely happy and content this time. When she tells Emma, the tears flow. Chrishell needs to recover once again. She wants children, but she’s 40 years old. 

The ending of season 5 is weak in dealing with the Christine drama. Her potential unethical breach by trying to pay off one of Emma’s clients is barely dealt with. To be fair, Christine did not turn up to a meeting with Jason and Mary to discuss her side of the story. Season 5 leaves this story on a cliffhanger. Will Jason fire her? Who f*****g knows. But I don’t think Selling Sunset wants to get rid of the villain anytime soon. 

What did you think of Netflix’s Selling Sunset season 5, episode 10, and the ending? Comment below. 

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