‘Osmosis’ Episode 8 – “Rebirth” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019
Osmosis Episode 8 Recap - Rebirth


Episode 8, “Rebirth”, is underwhelming yet it ends on a twist that will force you to make theories until a second season.

This recap of Osmosis Episode 8, “Rebirth”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The finale of Osmosis, Episode 8, “Rebirth”, served a twist, yet the entire closing chapter felt somewhat lackluster in parts. The central strand to the story was the launch day, but all the test subject’s lives were in balance, a coma caused by the technology.

The idea is put forward that Martin is an ecosystem, so planting Esther in the same brain waves as the AI could reboot the system, and spring the others out of their deep comas. The only issue is, there is a chance that the reboot will put Esther in an eternal coma. Esther is determined to save the others and decides to enter the ecosystem bravely.

We see Martin’s intentions in “Rebirth”; he explains how much he loves Esther, and he will let the others go if she stays. She is bemused by the offer, claiming that virtual life is not life, but Martin disagrees. He lets the others go, and they wake up, but Esther slumps into a coma.

Episode 8 then turns into a laidback story about launch day, with the investment company eager to make sure everything is in check. There is anticipation about where Paul will turn up and do his speech about his creation, or whether Esther will make it. Paul has found common ground with Joséphine (Philypa Phoenix), finally accepting a life of love that is not secured via an implant.

Osmosis Episode 8 Recap - Rebirth

The launch day arrives in “Rebirth”, and Paul starts delivering his speech to the audience, and being frankly honest about the last three months, much to the horror of the nearby investors. As he gives his speech, the leader of the humanists and Ana are infiltrating the systems to try and bring Martin down. Ana has grown fond of Martin and changes her mind in the last second, and tries to stop the humanist from inserting a virus into Martin. Her soul mate turns up to help her with the struggle, but the humanist manages to insert the virus.

In the virtual reality, Martin is dying, and lets go of Esther who wakes up. She visits Martin at Osmosis and realizes that he must completely shut down. She turns up randomly at the event as Paul is handing out the Osmosis implants to the audience. As everyone applauds the new era of love, Esther briefly smiles at someone who seems to look like Martin. The question is – what does this mean? Has Martin somehow become part of human reality or was the last episode Esther’s new version of reality? I guess we won’t find out unless they do a Season 2.

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