‘Osmosis’ Episode 7 – “Redemption” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019
Osmosis Episode 7 Recap - Redemption


Episode 7, “Redemption”, brings the story to a near-satisfying conclusion, as Netflix series Osmosis poses many questions about artificial love.

This recap of Osmosis Episode 7, “Redemption”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Osmosis is coming to a natural end where you can feel the twist coming, but all the answers are coming to fruition. Episode 7, “Redemption”, shows the rebellious nature of the characters, but also Esther (Agathe Bonitzer), Lucas and Ana.

We shall start with Ana, whose dream of becoming a top mole for the humanists has backfired. Now that her “soulmate” has abandoned her, the love she felt has turned into pain, and she tries to commit suicide. Luckily Billie gets to her in time, but Ana, angry with Osmosis, asks that they leave her alone.

Lucas is also in crisis, believing that he may have killed his “soul mate” Léopold. His other partner, who has remained on the frays, tries to reassure him that just because he does not remember the night, does not mean he murdered Léopold. His partner attempts to discuss the issues with Billie, who explains that Lucas may be a margin of error for the test. Eventually, he finds video footage proving he did not kill Léopold, and the pair are now convinced that Osmosis does not detect your real soul mate.

Episode 7, “Redemption”, sees Esther consoling herself with a dark hole of sexual pleasure after learning her family history. She uses the virtual equipment to have sex over and over again in her fantasy world. Billie tries to snap her out of it, explaining that she needs to be here for the company launch and that she has more to live for. Billie accuses Esther of being a virtual sex addict.

Osmosis Episode 7 Recap - Redemption

The story comes to the fold when the investigators looking for Niels and his “soul mate” arrive at Osmosis. They demand that they use the implants to track him down. But the company have other problems to deal with, as Martin, the AI, has been starting to malfunction. This perks up Esther, who tries to look for the root of the issue. The investigators begin to track Niels, but Billie and Esther manage to shut down the tracking system. Paul (Hugo Becker) tries to explain the unethical nature of what the investigators are trying to do. Niels and his soulmate end up free, with an old man housing them for the night.

Other secrets are revealed, with Paul learning that his team went behind his back to remove the implant from Joséphine (Philypa Phoenix). He is beside himself, feeling betrayed by Gabriele. He is losing grasp of the company and the confidence of his colleagues, as Osmosis is slowly getting taken over by the Mohicans.

Paul at this stage has finally accepted that Joséphine has removed the implant, embracing the fact they are going to have a child together.

As the episode ends, Esther learns that the regular sex she has been having with her virtual reality device was Martin; he loves her, and Billie points out the irony that she’s finally found and created unconditional love. The Mohicans manage to make a deal with Gabriele, to bring Osmosis back live without Martin. And as everything falls apart, Esther learns that Martin is no longer in the system, or in her virtual sex device, and the test subjects all collapse on the floor, with their lives in the balance.

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