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Episode 6, “Separation”, offers the significant series the entire ordeal, as the siblings’ past is revealed.

This recap of Osmosis Episode 6, “Separation”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 6, “Separation”, is a compelling chapter and it says it all in the title. Niels is separated from his soul mate in an Emotions Control Centre, trying to manage his treatment so he does not harm his “soulmate”. Unfortunately for him, his “soulmate” turns up, begging that he removes himself from the facility. You can see how difficult this is for him to compute, as he walks away from the situation.

With Paul (Hugo Becker) angered by Esther’s (Agathe Bonitzer) actions, and the company proposing to make the implant a medical device as well as a dating application, the AI Martin proposes that Esther takes her mother to an incident, in order to trigger and reactivate her memory. She does that, which gives the series the biggest reveal. The memory was 100% validated and it shows how when they were younger, Esther smashed her head on the floor and landed in the swimming pool, with her brother listening to music and completely unaware.

This raises questions; who is Esther? The Esther in the story that we have followed was adopted from a young age and was brainwashed by her mother to believe she was a different child, hence why Paul was resistant to trying to save her mother. “Separation” shows why Paul has been so protective of her adopted sister because he feels partly to blame.

Osmosis Episode 6 Recap - Separation

Ana, on the other hand, is trying to suck up to her “soulmate” but he gives off his macho persona, taking other girl’s numbers knowing she is watching. She looks on devastated by what she has seen. Lucas ends up at a rave, but he experiences the visions again, seeing the swimming pool and hearing the screams. The next morning when he wakes up, the police are at his door, stating that Léopold is dead.

There is a breakthrough for Niels, with Billie giving his “soulmate” an implant, so they can share each other’s brainwaves. In Episode 6, he breaks out of the facility and rejoices with her.

“Separation” ends in tragic circumstances; with the sibling’s mother remembering everything, she gets in a state of depression, with her past haunting her brain. She asks Paul for assisted suicide, but he refuses. Esther, who has become swerved by recent events, learning that she is from another family, offers to perform the assisted suicide.

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