‘Osmosis’ Episode 1 – “The Test” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019
Osmosis Episode 1 Recap - Netflix Series - The Test


Osmosis Episode 1, “The Test”, provides a compelling, dark start, introducing us to a whole new world of dating technology.

Osmosis Episode 1, “The Test”, introduces us to a near-future Paris where siblings Paul (Hugo Becker) and Esther Vanhove (Agathe Bonitzer) are on the cusp of creating a revolutionary dating application; an implant that allows the person who uses it to discover their soulmate. The opening chapter reveals the developing stage, with the company on the verge of testing the implant out on humans, before unveiling to the general public.

Episode 1 serves more than a futuristic setting where this is achievable; both characters seem to have their issues. Paul is the CEO and founder of the company, while Esther appears to be the primary developer who is achieving advancements in the product at admirable rates. It’s clear that there is baggage between them, despite mutual respect. Osmosis Episode 1 shows Esther meeting her mother, who is brain dead, but you keep pondering why Paul never visits.

Osmosis takes a U-turn when Paul is called by the board to discuss the latest developments of the implant, but in a savage moment, they announce they are going to remove him as CEO. This puts Paul in a frenzy to get the product out to market as soon as possible, while Esther seems to be on her adventure with the development, testing out competitor dating applications and considering a new test subject who is addicted to porn. It’s clear that the siblings have different incentives in “The Test”.

Osmosis Episode 1 Recap - Netflix Series - The Test

And another incentive of Esther is that she would like to use the implant to seek out neurons that 100% match her mother’s so she can use that subject to re-ignite her mother’s brain and the memories. Esther appears to be so far gone into this project that she is seeking unethical means to save her mother. In another scene, Paul concludes he has a secret about his mother that his sister does not know about.

After heated arguments in “The Test”, and Paul’s promise to the public to release the implant in one month, prompting Esther to wonder whether or not she can turn the product round that quick, they decide to test the implant on the subjects. It seems to work, however, one of the subjects has what is a supposed panic attack, while the others all walk off in a daze ready to find their one true love. Esther figures out that if she merges three of the subject’s neurons, she can achieve one exact match for her mother’s brain.

As Osmosis Episode 1 closes out, Paul goes home to see that his partner has disappeared leaving a note saying, “Do not try and find me”. The couple did spend most of the episode sharing each other’s consciousness using what seems to be a similar implant – I wonder if it is related to the new application?

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