‘Osmosis’ Episode 2 – “Soulmate” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019
Osmosis Episode 2 Recap - Netflix Series - Soulmate


Osmosis Episode 2, “Soulmate”, focuses on Paul as he desperately wants to find his partner, with the series trying its best to apply the mystery.

This recap of Osmosis Episode 2, “Soulmate”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Considering the instant success of the Osmosis implant, Episode 2, “Soulmate”, shows Paul (Hugo Becker) consumed by finding his partner Joséphine (Philypa Phoenix). He believes she has been kidnapped, and he is adamant it ties into the release of the implant tested on the human subjects.

In terms of the test subjects, “Soulmate” presents the success of the implants. Ana, who seems naturally shy and inexperienced in the dating pool, confronts her soulmate, who is a fitness freak and asks her if she wants to lose weight. It’s apparent that meeting your soulmate is not as fairytale-like as some would propose, as Ana seems entirely discouraged by her future, but slowly warms to him.

As for Niels, the boy addicted to sex, he meets his soulmate and creepily latches on to her. She doesn’t seem phased by his actions, even partaking in play fighting with paint. Unfortunately for Niels, his sex addict tendencies get the better of him as he starts imagining her naked, swiping paint all over her. Episode 2 shows the positive results of the implant, but varying scenarios of how it plays out.

Osmosis Episode 2 Recap - Netflix Series - Soulmate

We learn at the start of “Soulmate” that Esther (Agathe Bonitzer) meddled with her brother’s brain neurons three years prior, and it was her configuration that allowed him to see Joséphine and started this adventure to create the implant. Due to Paul’s popularity waning in the public eye, a group of protestors attacks their company building with meat, claiming that the implant dices people’s brain. His suppressed anger at the disappearance of his partner catches up to him, and he runs outside to beat one of the protestors to a pulp, and unfortunately, it is recorded on camera.

The company is nearing liquidation at this point, so one of Paul’s colleagues has managed to secure a meeting with a potential buyer so cash flow continues, but while the meeting occurs, Esther has managed to track down Joséphine prompting Paul to run to the top of a tower – where he realizes that they have been duped – her tracking device was placed there to deceive.

As Episode 2, “Soulmate”, closes out, Esther visits an underground VR club that appears to look like it has all the elements of a black market company. It’s visually disturbing as the darkened room is loaded with red lights and some people wearing VR headsets and enjoying some sexual pleasure. She sees Joséphine and tries to run after her, but she is unable to get through what appears to be a gate. Joséphine looks drugged as she is dragged away.

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