‘Bitter Daisies’ Episode 2 – “The Anguish of People” | Netflix TV Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019
Bitter Daisies Episode 2 Review: The anguish of people


Teasing and giving much to bite on, Bitter Daisies Episode 2, “The anguish of people” opens up the mystery and leaves the door ajar.

This review of Bitter Daisies Episode 2, “The anguish of people”, contains spoilers. You can read our review of the previous episode by clicking these words. 

Bitter Daisies Episode 2, “The Anguish of People”, ramps it up a gear, establishing the need to progress the investigation. We find out that the serial killer who has his own separate story has a fascination with shoes and underwear. In the opening scenes, he creates a tear in some hot pants and stares at it for ages like the creep he is.

But then the theme of Episode 2 continues like the previous, except this time the pace is more engaging and less devoted to world building. The town remains the same despite rumors that something is afoot in the police department. Rosa (María Mera) soon learns that the killer is possibly obsessed with bunny outfits, and rings up a group of fancy dress outlets to try and find a lead.

Episode 2 rules out the first chief suspect, Muniz, who claims to have shot and buried Marta, however, he comes across way too casual about his confession, and it is soon figured out that he is terminally ill.

Bitter Daisies Episode 2 Review: The anguish of people

Rebeca finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her with Marta, and is emotional that he kept it from her. I’m still unsure if Brais will have a link in all this eventually, but for now, it still serves an interesting side story.

Bunny outfit shopping and chasing a lead brings Rosa to dress up as a prostitute and infiltrate a spot. At the bar, she asks for Pamela, who is not aware she’s undercover. By now, Rosa is under the impression that the killer is obsessed with girls in schoolgirl outfits, and pleads with Pamela to reveal a client that enjoys this type of fetish.

While this interrogation is occurring, one of the tutors at school is keeping Rebeca comfort due to feeling upset over Brais. It turns out, he is the one who likes school outfits, and Maura and Rosa rush to school to stop anything from happening before it’s too late. They arrest the teacher Miguel, but he cleverly swerves the questions, explaining that it is not illegal to have a fetish with women who dress in school girl outfits. He also reveals that Marta blackmailed him for a significant amount of money.

Bitter Daisies Episode 2, “The Anguish of People” ends open-ended, but the one sure answer is Marta prostituted and blackmailed clients for money.

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