The Sandman season 1 – who is Rose Walker?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “Who is Rose Walker,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Sandman season 1. 

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Who is Rose Walker in The Sandman season 1?

Rose Walker is a young woman who is desperate to find her missing brother. But in her search for Jed, she not only tracks down the grandmother she didn’t know existed but learns that she is a Dream Vortex. 

At first, Rose is unaware of the power she showcases; and the audience becomes aware that Rose is a dream vortex as sisters Desire and Despair plan to use Rose in their plot against Lord Morpheus. Rose’s early role in the show is based on her mission to find her brother. And whilst money is running low for Rose, she is still determined to track Jed down.

What does Rose Walker do?

Whilst Rose doesn’t appear in The Sandman until the seventh episode, the story of herself and her family plays a big part in the final four episodes. After travelling to Sussex with her friend, Lyta, Rose meets her grandmother, Unity, who has been asleep for a number of years. Afterwards, Rose’s mission to find Jed leads her to Florida, where she gets attacked. Luckily, no serious harm comes to Rose. And shortly afterwards, Rose enters the dream realm whilst Jed tries to escape from his abusive foster parents. 

Having now teamed up with Lord Morpheus, Rose continues to follow Jed’s trail. But she just misses Jed as The Corinthian gets to him first. Eventually, Rose goes to a “cereal” convention, and after she reunites with Jed, The Corinthian rescues Rose and Jed from being murdered by a crazed killer. After saving the two siblings, The Corinthian uses the opportunity to try and convince Rose to help him kill Lord Morpheus. The Corinthian says Lord Morpheus will kill both of them. Rose, however, sees through The Corinthian and uses her power to allow Lord Morpheus to turn him to dust. 

But the threat isn’t over for Rose as Lord Morpheus still wants/needs to kill her. When the moment comes for Lord Morpheus to kill Rose, Unity appears and tells Lord Morpheus to kill her instead. Unity gets her wish, and Rose and Jed are allowed to live happily ever after in the waking world.

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