‘Osmosis’ Season 1 | Netflix Series Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 29, 2019
Netflix Series Osmosis Season 1 Review


A cool, depressed and self-aware Osmosis will surprise some people. The French Netflix series gives a unique narrative based on two siblings trying to change the world of dating.

We are living in a defining age where dating is observed and transformed via a variety of different methods, but most commonly we find ourselves confined to an app; swiping left or right hungrily, and then quickly ghosting, realizing a wrong turn was made. Netflix series Osmosis steps up that game, with a narrative set in a near-future Paris.

The premise is almost conceivable. Esther (Agathe Bonitzer) and Paul (Hugo Becker) are hailed as genius siblings for their innovative use of technology to design an implant. The device, which is swallowed via a pill, uses the person’s brain waves to formulate and seek their true soulmate. The implants bind them, allowing them to feel the ultimate love, and intimacy, plus it uniquely seals the trust.

The only issue is, Osmosis Season 1 present a unique problem for the siblings; their entire business model before the official launch is financially struggling, and the public questions their methods.

The series hones in on the ethics of this type of dating, and the limits to expansive technology on humans. Osmosis relies on a darker appeal, with a depressive feeling driving through each episode. You learn more about the siblings than the technology, with each episode progressively revealing a past that narrows in on their insecurities.

Netflix series Osmosis is thought-provoking and edges on the air of irony. It relies on the audiences’ knowledge of the challenging world of dating, and how cynical the human race is becoming with their choice of an “other half”. There’s also a real deep sense of corporate corruption running through the veins of the story, and it also represents the scary advancement of technology and how it may hurt us in the future.

Osmosis is a small French Netflix series gem, and probably one of the best in the international market. If you enjoy flirting with a conceptual sci-fi genre, this Netflix series will please.

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