‘Quicksand’ Episode 2 Recap: “Custody”

April 5, 2019
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The plot thickens as we learn more about Maja and Sebastian’s romance, how it started to impact the people around them, and how they first get introduced to hunting rifles

This recap of Quicksand Episode 2 contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Maja is holding a rifle. She is seen gunning down Sebastian.

Cut back to jail. She is met by her lawyer and his assistants and is to be interrogated. Inspector Nilsson starts things off. ‘Is there anything in your story you would like to change? If I am going to understand things, I’m going to need to know more about your relationship with Sebastian.’

Flashback to Maja and her friend discussing her new relationship in her bedroom. Sebastian hasn’t called since they got back from France, is it over? Downstairs, Maja’s mum is gushing about Claes (Handsome Dad) and his boat to her friend. A text comes in: Sebastian will pick Maja up for school tomorrow morning.

He arrives in his two-seater sports car and they make up before heading to school. It’s the first day of a new school year and it looks like a typical school, everyone is discussing what they got up to over the Summer and comparing tans. Wait a second, who is this? Turns out Sebastian is going to be in Maja’s class this year. Samir, who clearly has a thing for Maja, looks unimpressed.

Back to the interrogation. ’How did your relationship with Sebastian change you? Your friends all seemed to notice it. When did you start taking drugs?’

Now we’re at Sebastian’s big fancy house at the start of an impressive party, Maja and her friend Amanda help themselves to free cocktails and take in the opulence. Sebastian shows Maja round and introduces her to his fancy friends and his drug dealer. More moonlight snogging (and the rest…) and drugs. Samir is at the party too, he’s had a bit to drink and gives Maja a judgemental speech about Sebastian being a bad influence. She storms off straight into the heart of the party for some more debauchery.

Back to jail. The inspector is asking Maja about her relationship with Sebastian. ‘He was a bad boy, your friends didn’t understand him, you withdrew from everyone and it was just you two against the world, right?’

The morning after the party, the house is a disaster and Handsome Dad is home. He does not seem to care about the mess though and neither does Sebastian. ‘We have people who clean up for us’. Handsome Dad is for some reason holding a rifle and invites Maja hunting in South Africa (because why not?). Maja heads home and her Mum wants to hear all about the party – she is clearly impressed by her daughter’s new boyfriend’s wealth.

At school that day Samir tries to make up with Maja for his bad behavior at the party last night. He seems like a good influence; textbook nice guy who gets ditched for the more interesting bad boy. Something tells me he is going to be important later.

Maja and her little sister are at Sebastian’s where they witness an unpleasant argument between Sebastian and Handsome Dad. That guy is bad news, I’m telling you.

Back to jail, and the inspector is asking about Maja’s experience with guns, ‘when have you fired a rifle before…?’

Maja and Sebastian are driving, he is very possessive of her. They crash his dad’s BMW whilst having a snog. ‘Don’t worry Maja, we’ll say I was driving the car, I’ll take the consequences…’

Maja and Sebastian go hunting, Sebastian has a black eye that we suspect may have been given to him by his father, possibly for crashing his car. Sebastian teaches Maja how to shoot a rifle, he seems to like shooting things quite a lot.

‘Why did you shoot Sebastian?’ asks the inspector? ‘Because he begged me to.’

Maja is about to be interviewed by the prosecution lawyer. Her lawyer gives her a pep talk. ‘It is not your job to defend Sebastian, this is about you’.

‘How do you feel about Sebastian’s father?’ ‘I hate him.’ They read incriminating text messages and show photos of a dead body. They think that Maja and Sebastian killed Claes.

The drama is ramped up in Quicksand Episode 2: “Custody”. We learn more about Maja and Sebastian’s relationship and how they form a ‘us against the world’ bond. There is lots of foreshadowing with the introduction of guns and although revelations begin to unfold we can never really trust what Maja is saying to her inquisitors.

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1 thought on “‘Quicksand’ Episode 2 Recap: “Custody”

  • April 8, 2019 at 5:05 am

    From the beginning, I knew why Maya shot. This series is 5 episodes too long.

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