‘Quicksand’ Episode 3 Recap: “The Funeral”

April 5, 2019
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Quicksand Episode 3 Recap The Funeral


Maja impatiently waits in her cell for the funeral of her classmates and we start to get an insight into how the relationship between Maja and Sebastian begins to sour with some troubling behaviour from Sebastian.

This Quicksand Episode 3 recap for the episode titled “The Funeral” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Maja awakes in her bed in a prison cell and has flashbacks of the violence that brought us here. Her lawyer walks into her cell and hands her an mp3 device, a small comfort from home.

Flashback to school. Maja and Amanda are discussing the terrible parking situation at school and Amanda’s new boyfriend, Labbe. They have a talk from a Nobel prize winner today. It turns out that Sebastian’s Dad has opened his wallet to make it happen. Sebastian has a question about the global economy, it looks like it may have been prepared by daddy. Samir also has a question, and it’s a doozy. Maja throws him a look of admiration and an unspoken battle of wills between the two boys breaks out, with Maja as the prize.

Maja, Sebastian, and Amanda drive to meet with Labbe at his family’s spread and guess who else showed up? Samir! Labbe’s dad gives a tour of the place which gives Samir the chance to flex his intellectual muscles and Sebastian the chance to mark his territory with Maja. They retreat to a quiet part of the house and Maja reluctantly has sex with Sebastian. This looks like a clear demarcation point in their relationship and a sign that Sebastian is likely to become increasingly more abusive.

The group settles down for dinner, as Sebastian continues to be obnoxious and looks for ways to belittle Samir and humiliate him. In a stunning display of douchebaggery, Sebastian creates a scene at Samir’s expense and is asked to leave. He reveals himself to be at best a snob and at worst a racist. When he asks Maja to come with him, she stays where she is.

Back to prison, and Maja is impatiently asking for the time again and again. From the title of the episode, we can guess that she is waiting for the funeral to start, which of course she can’t attend. She asks to see the prison chaplain who attempts to give her some counseling.

Maja rings the bell at Sebastian’s house; he comes outside and lights a joint. Maja tries to reassure him that she would not sleep with Samir. Sebastian suggests they all go out on the town, he takes a bunch of drugs and ditches Maja in the club. Maja goes on the hunt for Sebastian and finds him off his head at the bar, he shoves her and storms off. Maja catches up with him and he’s in a bad way; she bundles him into a taxi and then home. She nurses him through the night.

Maja and Amanda are talking, Maja tells her friend she is not sure if she still loves Sebastian. Amanda encourages her to stick it out. On her way home, Maja bumps into Samir at the bus stop. They share a meaningful glance and then a kiss. Uh-oh…

Maja is sat alone in her cell. She puts on the MP3 player and a sad song plays over the top of a montage that cuts scenes from the funeral which is now underway. Maja gets upset and has a breakdown in her cell. After, she calms down, shares a cigarette with a prison officer and grieves for her friend. It looks as though Maja’s defenses are starting to come down.

She is once again being interviewed. And is asked to describe how she shot Amanda. She describes trying to shoot Sebastian, the rifle went off in her hands and shot her by accident. The prosecutor tells her that she has witness testimony that contradicts this, that they saw Maja shoot her best friend on purpose…

Not quite as tight as the first couple of episodes, “The Funeral” is slower in pace but not in incident than the rest of the series so far. It feels as though this is a turning point in the narrative and as we start to get a deeper insight into the pattern of abusive behavior from Sebastian that things may continue to unravel for Maja.

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1 thought on “‘Quicksand’ Episode 3 Recap: “The Funeral”

  • April 8, 2019 at 5:08 am

    From the beginning, I knew why Maya shot. This series is 5 episodes too long.

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