‘Black Summer’ Episode 5 – “Diner” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 11, 2019
Black Summer Episode 5 Recap - Diner


Episode 5, “Diner”, presents an enticing scenario and some narrative progression, making it one of the better chapters.

This recap of Black Summer Episode 5, “Diner”, contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Considering I’ve been complaining at the lack of originality in the last four recaps, Episode 5, “Diner”, at least had some notable progression in the story that made it worthwhile. Still unoriginal, but the writers had managed to blend a story together that makes you feel engaged with the zombie apocalypse.

As you can tell by the title, the scenario brings Sun and William to a diner, where they are joined by the folk that tried ramming them off the road in the previous chapters. William has an understandable distrust for them, but they try and form a partnership. By the way, to repeat from the last recap, these characters are unbelievably stupid. Once they had aired out all the issues, the first strategy implemented is Sun tapping on the window to distract the zombies outside of the diner, while the others go out and try to fight them. Unless they exist in some other Universe where entertainment didn’t exist, surely they know fighting strong zombies is not feasible. They fail, packing their arses back inside to rethink another strategy.

Meanwhile in “Diner” Rose and Spears are dragging their feet, thirsty, hungry and beginning to hallucinate. Rose sees her daughter and laughs uncontrollably.

Back at the “Diner” the group pull William aside and initiate a plan to throw Sun out of the diner, and while they feed on her, they can run away. They pick Sun (Jaime King) purely because she cannot speak English, showing their redneck racism. William is against the idea and notices that the leader of the pack has a cut on his arm, and wonders if he is infected. The group starts acting hysterically at the tension, but they all round on the leader of the pack and throw him outside.

As this brutal attempt to running away from the zombies occur, Rose and Spears happen to be approaching the same diner. Both groups kill the zombies, and a new, larger group is formed, and Rose walks towards the camera with a sinister smile.

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