‘Black Summer’ Episode 6 – “Heist” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 11, 2019
Black Summer Episode 6 Recap - Heist


Episode 6, “Heist”, highlights desperation for the characters, as the group needs weapons but from the darkest of places.

This recap of Black Summer Episode 6, “Heist” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

In true The Walking Dead style, now that there is an established group of desperate survivalists, they require weapons. Of course, acquiring such goods is never easy, and they always need to be retrieved from the darkest environment. But now that they are a larger group, they feel invincible. The going always gets tough in these scenarios once the characters think they have attained some dominance. Episode 6, “Heist”, reflects that.

The weapons that they need are in a well-armed, underground club full of illicit drugs and sex trafficking, that constantly drums a techno-beat in the background to highlight that dystopian feel. The group decide to pretend to sell their women so they can infiltrate the facility. It works, but it also puts Rose (Jaime King) in a horrifying situation as a man tries to rape her. I found this to be a strange, incredibly risky tactic, setting your group at risk of sexual exploitation.

Eventually, the people who run the underground techno-sounding club cotton on to the heist that the group is trying to pull off, leading to an uproar, and violence, and confused moments where flashing club lights and heavy bass drops distorts the sound and vision of a neck getting sliced.

Again, this is an unoriginal, seen-before zombie scenario that we’ve grown to become accustomed to. It represents moments of desperation, where the characters need to place themselves in the most dangerous situations in order to better themselves. In the last ditch to escape, Sun is nearly captured in the air ventilation, but fortunately, Spears manages to help, and as they run away from the underground facility, the chapter ends.

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