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April 19, 2019
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Reasonably amusing, Netflix series Lunatics shows off the talented Chris Lilley as he takes on the role of six different characters that are misfits.

Arriving Netflix on April 19th is Australian Mockumentary series Lunatics, which is not to be taken seriously at all. Like American Vandal, Lunatics follows the mantra of a fictional “reality” documentary, following the lives of various characters to sell a comedy.

The difference with Lunatics is that the stories are much more varied, following several key characters that are undoubtedly brainwashed, and detached from the reality of life, which is where the title of the Netflix series comes from. They are lunatics, in their own unique, insane way, and some represent the privileged millennial movement that is blemishing the next generation.

I was not aware of comedian and actor Chris Lilley before watching Lunatics, but after a quick, usual google research, he’s obviously a man of talents, known for taking on several characters in the medium of a TV series; of course, Netflix acquired his services.

Lunatics is wildly funny, following six different characters who are purposefully misfits and believe in their s**t. One of the characters is an estate agent with an enormous behind, and he takes on the role of someone similar to David Brent; narcissistic and confined to his self-interests. But then on the flipside, he also takes on a character pet psychic, that believes their corrupted delusion that they can talk to animals or their deceased spirits.

I am not sure on the longevity of Lunatics, because it’s not rip-roaring funny, but more of an amusing 10 episode that creeps a smile on your face. If you are a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, then you may be more engaged than me, but I felt Chris Lilley’s Netflix series to feel slightly seen-before and cycling around the same gags.

There could be worse things to watch on a Netflix Friday. Lunatics platforms a comedian that flagrantly has a talent in taking many forms of impressions.

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1 thought on “‘Lunatics’ Season 1 | Netflix Series Review

  • April 21, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    If you haven’t seen his other stuff you might find this engaging and novel, but if you have you will know he has done better, and this is just more of the same old with more C bombs and more extreme indulgences. I loved his first few series but it’s j wearing very thin not only because it is same old, but because…we have kind of moved on. He’s very clever at inhabiting his different personas, and this looked truly exhausting, so much effort, but I could not watch it, boring, depressing, grotesque with no higher purpose. Becky for instance. Unbearable. Sorry Chris, I really think for most of your erstwhile titillated & engaged audience this is just old hat, rather sad and moth eaten now.

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