Servant season 2, episode 4 recap – what happened in “2:00”?

February 5, 2021
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“2:00” brings it up a few notches as Dorothy decides to take it into her own hands to get information from Leanne, while Julian and Sean stand by nervously.

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“2:00” brings it up a few notches as Dorothy decides to take it into her own hands to get information from Leanne, while Julian and Sean stand by nervously.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Servant season 2, episode 4, “2:00” contains significant spoilers.

After the shocking events of the last chapter, “2:00” sees Leanne a hostage in the Turner house loft. Dorothy is bringing her food. She reminds her she has a sedative in her stomach, so she needs to eat as soon as she can. Leanne is breathy and wants to leave. She tells Dorothy that she doesn’t know where Jericho is. It’s incredible how quickly this story has escalated, and how Dorothy has completely flipped in character. She’s no longer an obsessed mother, she’s evolved into one of the villains of the story.

Sean and Julian are worried about Dorothy’s plans

Predictably, Sean is worried about the situation, but Dorothy believes they are isolating her to get answers, and treating her like an addict. Dorothy does not want Sean to go into the loft without her permission, believing he will be manipulated. And as for Julian, he’s panicking about the situation as well and makes Sean aware of his concerns. We have to keep appreciating how Julian adds comedy to all this, which gets funnier with each episode.

Leanne is concerned about leaving the family she was taking care of

Leanne tells Dorothy that the family she was taking care of, the mother is very sick, but Dorothy reminds her she has a contract with the Turner family — Leanne insists she cannot return Jericho to her, but Dorothy believes she will give her information over time.

When the clock strikes 2:00

And then the theme of the episode — what happens at 2 am?

In the middle of the night, Dorothy suddenly wakes up at 2 am. She goes in the loft and grabs Leanne’s wrist and begs for Jericho back. She doesn’t seem aware of how irrational she is being and starts bending Leanne’s hand. Dorothy walks away and the clock in Dorothy’s room turns to 02:01.

Leanne asks for the bathroom

The next day, Leanne asks Dorothy if she can speak to Sean but she doesn’t want him to. But Sean does speaks to Leanne secretly, and he takes a softer approach and admits he didn’t realise Dorothy was going to kidnap her; he promises that if she takes him to Jericho, he will give her anything she wants. Leanne asks for the bathroom.

2:00, again

At 2 am, Dorothy grabs Leanne by her hair and gets on top of her. She asks where Jericho is. But then she immediately goes back downstairs and gets back into bed. The next morning, Dorothy tells Sean she keeps getting panicky at 2 am and doesn’t know why. She brings breakfast up for Leanne who tells her “I used to pray for you Dorothy, but not anymore”. Dorothy appears aware of her behaviour at 2 am, which brings a layer of intrigue to why she gets extra violent at that time.

Sean can taste food again

Leanne asks Sean pointedly who they are looking for. She reminds him that Jericho died. She’s not wrong. Later in the evening, Sean tells Julian that this cannot go on much longer but Julian says they are the victims, not Leanne — it’s interesting how the characters are so consumed by the scenario they are in, they have completely forgotten that they have a woman hostage in the house; there are no limits to these people anymore. Over dinner, Sean suddenly can taste the food, and Dorothy makes him aware of that. Later in the night, Dorothy is happy that they are deprogramming Leanne, but Sean is worried that they are crossing lines.

Leanne tries to escape

At 2 am, Dorothy does her usual trip to the loft, but this time, Leanne tricks her and attacks. She tries to escape, but the front door is locked. Dorothy asks where Jericho is, but Leanne claims that he is warm and happy, and safe from her. Dorothy knocks her out. Meanwhile, Sean wakes up in the middle of the night and the pain has returned to his hand. Leanne’s presence is bringing his senses back.

The ending

When Sean comes downstairs, he asks Dorothy where Leanne is. Sean runs into the basement and he can see Dorothy has dug a grave. He uses his hand to dig into the soil and pulls out Leanne who is struggling to breathe. Dorothy tells him, “She wouldn’t tell me // nothing is too far”. Sean comforts Leanne as Dorothy walks back upstairs.

As Sean takes Leanne to the loft, she asks him if he can feel pain in his hand again. As the episode ends, the camera pans through the house, and Dorothy stands over the cot in a red dress. The clock strikes 2:00.

But back to how the scenario is consuming all the characters — Sean put Leanne back into the loft, even though he is fully aware that Dorothy is taking it too far. It’s fascinating to see how these characters have evolved, but in sinister ways, since Season 1 — they’ve lost all grasp of morality.

Servant season 2, episode 4 brings it up a few notches as Dorothy decides to take it into her own hands to get information from Leanne, while Julian and Sean stand by nervously.

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