Servant season 2, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Pizza”?

January 29, 2021
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There’s a lot of importance for pizza in Episode 3, but Dorothy provides the toppings to complete the bake.

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There’s a lot of importance for pizza in Episode 3, but Dorothy provides the toppings to complete the bake.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Servant season 2, episode 3, “Pizza” contains significant spoilers.

After the tense ending of episode 2, it seems our characters have taken a more investigative approach, with Sean managing to rein in Dorothy, at least for now. The opening scene shows a heavily pregnant Dorothy crawling through her house in writhing pain. This is a flashback. A doctor tells her that her placenta is low and she may need to go to the hospital. Her face says it all; she doesn’t want to go to the hospital before her birth date.

Sean and Leanne are looking into sightings of Leanne

In the present day, Sean and Dorothy are checking out possible sightings of Leanne, and they have a list of addresses. Julian is also checking out properties, and he’s video calling Dorothy and Sean as he approaches them. While Dorothy walks off, Sean tells Julian that Dorothy is slowly returning to her normal self. It’s difficult to tell if Sean and Julian are genuinely investigating or if they are appeasing Dorothy. It feels like a balance of both.

Creating a fake pizza service

The desperation to try and find Leanne magnifies in Episode 3. Later in the evening, Sean, Julian, and Dorothy are thinking of a way to get inside a wealthy property they suspect Leanne is inside. They think the best way of getting in is pretending to be a pizza delivery service. Sean proceeds to cook some pizzas, and they create fake flyers to entice the neighborhood.

Getting the right order

And while they pretended to be a pizza delivery service, it genuinely turns into a pizza delivery service. Servant continues to find ways to amuse the audience, and this is one of those moments. Their plan is not working, with other addresses placing orders apart from the wealthy property. Sean and his assistant chef Toby have essentially become a takeaway company. Eventually, they get an order from the right address. Julian shows up, and he’s wearing a suit for a prom, so he’s not “suited” to drop off food, so they send Toby to deliver the pizza, who is unaware of the Turners’ actual plan.

They find Leanne

Toby delivers the pizza, with the video call feeding back to the Turner household; there are loads of excited young children in the house. Toby needs to go upstairs to ask for payment as directed by the children. He sees Leanne and follows her. He ends up in a bedroom with an old lady in bed and evidently relying on medical assistance.

Another order of pizza

Dorothy believes they are wasting time and wants to head over. Sean stops her and tells her they need to strategize and be cautious. When Sean and Dorothy head back inside, the same house orders more pizza — this time, it’s Leanne ordering it. They send Toby back, and he gives her the pizza. Leanne explains that she had to leave the Turners as she didn’t have a choice because of Dorothy. She calls her selfish, cruel and mean. She’s obviously deflecting, but Dorothy does not seem too phased.

In a flashback, a pregnant Dorothy gets out of bed because the smoke alarm has gone off. Smoke circulates the staircase as she makes her way down. She slips at one point, and she is getting worried about her baby. When she gets into the kitchen, she puts out the fire on the hob.

The ending

Servant season 2, episode 3 ends in shocking terms; the ending shows the true extent of Dorothy’s mind, and how Julian and Sean completely underestimated her. She fooled her loved ones and the viewers.

In the present day, Sean tells Dorothy that Leanne did not mean what she said. On the video call with Toby, Leanne collapses, and she’s unconscious. Dorothy unmutes the call and tells Toby that he’s drugged a young woman with pizza. Dorothy tells Toby to pick Leanne up off the floor, put her in the back of his car and drive her back to their house. Dorothy then blackmails Toby and tells him that if he doesn’t do it, she’ll call 911. Sean and Julian are in total shock as Dorothy starts eating the pizza casually.

There’s a lot of importance for pizza in Episode 3, but Dorothy provides the toppings to complete the bake.

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