Servant Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – how will Dorothy protect herself from Leanne?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 20, 2023 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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“Itch” focuses on Leanne’s controlling nature as she tries to care for a bedridden Dorothy. It’s a claustrophobic and intense installment that literally gets underneath your skin, whilst building towards explosive events to come.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Servant Season 4 Episode 2, “Itch,” which contains spoilers.

Season 4 Episode 1 seemed to pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, with a plague of pigeons descending upon the Turner’s neighborhood. In Season 4 Episode 2, we get strong Misery vibes as Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) is confined to her bed, and Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) tries to nurse her back to full health in a controlling manner. There’s also a second plague to deal with, which alludes to Leanne’s supernatural powers that seem to be growing and strengthening as the series progresses.

Servant Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

“Itch” opens with Dorothy waking in her bed to the sounds of Jericho crying. She wants to tend to her son’s needs but finds herself trapped in bed, unable to help. Her injuries mean she is bed-bound, having to rely on her family and friends for assistance. Dorothy still wants absolutely nothing to do with Leanne though, blaming her for the accident in the first place. But Leanne is up to her old tricks, coercing the family into doing what she wishes. She persuades Sean to go to work and keeps Julian subdued with kisses.

Leanne gets her way, but Dorothy doesn’t hold back when she finally arrives. The nanny brings her breakfast in bed and Dorothy barks at Leanne, telling her to go away. In retaliation, Leanne takes Dorothy’s phone from her and later turns off the TV when she tries to watch the news. Adding to her troubles, Dorothy seems to be itching like crazy all over her body. Leanne then tries to force-feed Dorothy and she spits the food out onto Leanne’s shoes. It’s literal tit for tat as Leanne then brings out a blanket she’s made Dorothy, comprising of all Jericho’s old clothes. Ignorantly or on purpose, here she’s stolen a sentimental task from the mother. This sparring will only worsen as the day goes on.

Leanne may be at war with Dorothy, but she still wants to please her. She doesn’t want Dorothy to hate her, so she brings in Jericho as a peace offering. Dorothy is desperate to hold her baby boy for the first time in ages, yet Leanne toys with her master. This controlling nanny orders Dorothy to eat her food before she can cuddle Jericho. Dorothy doesn’t question these tactics and submits. Leanne then passes her Jericho, although their reunion is fleeting. Leanne takes Jericho away after a minute together. Dorothy shouts her disgust as the nanny exits the room with her son.

Down in the kitchen, Sean’s assistant Tobe (Tony Revolori), unpacks supplies. Leanne and Tobe converse and the cook suggests earning Dorothy’s trust once again. Leanne takes this advice to heart and begins to make amends. She picks Dorothy some flowers and returns her phone to her. Dorothy uses this to immediately request backup and her father’s girlfriend Kourtney comes to save the day. She also contacts her husband Sean, who rushes back to his wife’s side.

Dorothy is furious with Sean, who allowed Leanne to take back control. Again, she cannot trust those closest to her and brings in Kourtney instead. The household have bigger fish to fry anyway, as a new catastrophe takes shape. The street is infested with bed bugs and their road rapidly resembles an apocalyptic film set. There are men in Hazmat suits roaming the street, whilst evacuated residents wander aimlessly, disposing of contaminated mattresses and furniture.

Sean soon finds the pesky critters on his own mattresses and sofas. Meanwhile, poor Dorothy sits alone in her bed, ringing her bell and itching like mad, but her calls go unnoticed. The neighborhood is infested and the exterminators are in short supply. Dorothy’s father Frank arrives to help out, but he just bickers with his son in the end about a certain scandal. Word’s got out about Julian and Leanne’s relationship, but the alcoholic is unsure of their romance at present.

Next, Leanne starts to shave Dorothy’s legs while she sleeps. This quickly descends into an argument and Dorothy’s leg is accidentally cut. Leanne then applies lipstick to Dorothy’s lips, against her will, and Dorothy bites Leanne’s hand. The rivalry continues to intensify. She then goes to see Julian, hoping to gain his attention. Although, Julian is also off with the nanny. Leanne can’t understand the gang, she tries her hardest to accommodate them, but they all remain miserable just the same. Leanne says how frustrating it is, like bugs crawling under your skin. As she leaves, the ceiling above Julian’s head starts to crack. It appears Leanne is behind this second plague as well. Her powers are growing.

Ending Explained

Leanne returns to Dorothy’s room to find her talking with Kourtney in secret. She forces Kourtney to leave and then orders Dorothy to use a bedpan. In retaliation, Dorothy knocks the bedpan containing her urine into Leanne’s face. Angered by this obvious assault, Leanne strips Dorothy’s bed and her clothing, ranting about cleaning up Dorothy’s messes all of the time. It’s a brutal to-and-fro from the warring females, but one that has been building over the course of multiple seasons.

Dorothy demands to see her son and Leanne asks why Dorothy no longer likes her. It’s pitiful to see Leanne sinking to such depths, but the argument has brought out the worst in the nanny. Dorothy admits that she believes Leanne is pure evil. Leanne realizes that they are all afraid of her. This explains why Sean listens to Leanne’s demands and why Julian has become distant from his lover. Leanne states that because of this fear, Dorothy has no one to turn to, no one will come to her aid. This of course isn’t technically true, Dorothy and Kourtney have been scheming in secret all day.

Outside, crazy cult member Uncle George (Boris McGiver) roams the streets in another biblical downpour. He asks a stranger how many houses have been infected. Uncle George is another one who believes this is all Leanne’s doing. In a subsequent scene, Sean talks about receiving another GQ interview, and Kourtney storms off in a huff. Leanne is working her magic once again, stealthily getting rid of the competition.

In the final moments, Leanne sees dirty shoes in the doorway and fears another intruder has infiltrated the house. She grabs a knife and heads to Dorothy’s room. But the truth is that the mother has hired two nurses to help her instead, so she doesn’t have to rely on Leanne anymore. Dorothy states that Leanne won’t win this battle. An unparalleled anger builds inside Leanne, but she manages to control this outrage for the time being. Who knows what will happen once she lets this anger out in the future.

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