Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 14 recap – Jun drops a bombshell on Ra-ra

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 19, 2020 (Last updated: February 10, 2024)
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Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 14


We would have never expected so many twists and turns at the start of the series but episode 14 offers another heartbreaking clanger for the viewers, leaving them hanging on a painful cliffhanger.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

As Sunwoo Jun checks out engagement rings, an old friend named Jung Ga-yeong greets him. She seems to have missed him, but Jun brushes her off at first. A flashback shows Jung Ga-yeong approaching Jun and Ji-hun. She seems to show an interest in Ji-hun and doesn’t like how the friends are joined by the hip — she seems to bug Jun. In the present, the pair catch up, and Jung Ga-yeong wants to know if she ran away because of Ji-hun. She then reveals she had a crush on him, not Ji-hun and wants him to be kind from now on. From here, the story takes a rather strange turn, and another twist we were just not expecting.

A downbeat Sook-kyeong

Ra-ra speaks to Sook-kyeong about Kim Man-bok and hopes he gets better soon. She learns that Sook-kyeong is looking for her pre-natal CD as she wants it for memories; she and her daughter have fallen out. Ha-yeong wants her mother Sook-kyeong to have some self-respect and not allow customers to disrespect her; Sook-kyeong explained to her how she’s had to swallow her pride to make money and raise her. She tells Ra-ra that she always strived for a better life and explains the story to how she decided to be a mother despite her husband running away. Episode 14 shows a mother’s love and how she has done absolutely everything to make sure her daughter is happy.

After a brief phone call, Ha-yeong leaves Seung-gi and decides to go home and enjoy a meal with her mother and Ra-ra. There’s a little tension in the room due to the argument between mother and daughter, but then Ra-ra plays Sook-Kyeong’s prenatal music that softens the mood.

Sleepy Jun

Jung Ga-yeong offers Jun a ride home, and he reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile, Ra-ra waits for Jun at a restaurant. In the car, Jun falls asleep after sipping Jung Ga-yeong’s coffee. She implies that she has drugged him. Ra-ra feels stood up, and she keeps trying to ring Jun. She ends up at Jun’s house and sees Jung Ga-yeong leave with his mother. Jung Ga-yeong approaches Ra-ra and asks her to break up with Jun. Ra-ra tells her she will not before walking off. This is the start of a new twist and one that is heartbreaking.

Ha-yeong takes a leap of faith

As for the other romance subplot, Seung-gi has completely decorated his room with romantic decorations, and there’s a video playing of all their memories growing up together. He’s completely in love with his friend, and on the video, he tells her he has been beside her all this time. Ha-yeong asks if they can be a couple for the first time and then walks in with a cake that says “Day 1” — she accepts his proposal. Ha-yeong finds Ra-ra afterwards, and she looks a little upset. It’s about time that the Ha-yeong and Seung-gi storyline figures itself out — it’s been a slow burner.

Spying on Jun

The next day, Ra-ra tells Ha-yeong and Seung-gi why she’s upset. Seung-gi tells her not to jump to conclusions yet. Ha-yeong and Seung-gi decide to acquire Director Chu’s investigation services to find out what Jun is up to. Director Chu spies on Jun and Jung Ga-yeong.

Jumping to conclusions

Ra-ra goes out for a meal with Eun-seok because Ha-yeong is worried that she isn’t eating. She tells Eun-seok about Jun and Jung Ga-yeong; he reassures her that Jun is not like that. Meanwhile, Director Chu tells Ha-yeong and Seung-gi that Jun is in a relationship with Jung Ga-yeong. Ra-ra walks in and asks if it is true; she sees a photo of Jung Ga-yeong and Jun holding hands, and she is devastated. Jun then tries calling her. Seung-gi tells her to answer it. As an audience member, it’s difficult to not jump to conclusions; despite Jun seemingly looking like he’s romantic with his old friend, there’s definitely an explanation to it.

Jun breaks up with Ra-ra

And episode 14 goes from happy to heartbreaking very quickly…

Ra-ra meets Jun, and it’s silent at first between them, but Ra-ra tries to look hopeful. Jun apologises for not returning her calls sooner. He tells her that they are breaking up. Ra-ra breaks into tears and asks about Jung Ga-yeong. Jun tells her he doesn’t like her anymore. Ra-ra asks him to look into her eyes and say it, so he does, but there is a pain in his voice before he walks off and leaves Ra-ra sobbing.

The ending

A heartbroken Ra-ra plays the piano and remembers the moments she had with Jun. Tears stream down her face. She then receives an international call — it’s Ms Gong, and her voice makes cry even more; she explains how she’s returning to Korea.

Ra-ra then watches the wedding crasher video, which compounds her sadness even more. As the episode ends, Ra-ra goes to the airport to meet Ms Gong, but surprisingly, she sees Jun there. He looks sad, standing on his own. Jung Ga-yeong joins him, and they walk off together. Ra-ra is in complete shock. In the epilogue, when Jun breaks up with Ra-ra, he watches her cry through the window. He walks off and tears stream down his face. This is definitely not the end, but what’s the story behind this?

We would have never expected so many twists and turns at the start of the series but Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 14 offers another heartbreaking clanger for the viewers, leaving them hanging on a painful cliffhanger.

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