Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 13 recap – [spoiler] sent the piano to Ra-ra An embarrassing moment for Jun.



Episode 13 has that warmth of community and togetherness; the series has plenty of twists and turns but essentially, the k-drama boils down to cherishing family and friends.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 13 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Jun and Ra-ra sit on the beach together after the young man grabbed the “bride-to-be” from the wedding which shocked viewers last week. Meanwhile, Ha-yeong and Seung-gi continue to sell their business plan to Sook-kyeong about their vlog services and suggests doing weddings. But the room explodes when they suggest using their tuition money. However, afterwards, they celebrate as they’ve somehow managed to persuade Sook-kyeong and her friends. And then we learn that the twist we were stumped by last week wasn’t really a twist at all…

Ha-yeong and Seung-gi need advertising for the wedding

Afterwards, they speak to Ra-ra about finding a way to advertise. They need a couple who is getting married, but they don’t know anyone; the idea is to get Cha Eun-seok and Ra-ra to pretend to marry so they can record it. Ra-ra and Cha Eun-seok have to take wedding photos and pretend they are in love. This is what Jun sees on Instagram.

An unexpected ending to the wedding

Jun then overhears that Ra-ra and Eun-seok are getting married, which prompts him to run to the church. From the second perspective, it’s quite clearly a staged event for a story on social media to sell a portfolio. Jun walks in and grabs Ra-ra; social media goes crazy. Sook-kyeong is worried that her daughter’s business will be ruined.

An embarrassed Jun

On the beach, Jun learns the truth, and he’s embarrassed that he didn’t know it was part of the business project. On social media, they are calling Jun a “wedding crasher”. But, there’s no love lost between Ra-ra and Jun as the pair share a kiss which will please the fans. Jun’s embarrassment was not a complete waste of time.

Acquiring Director Chu’s services

Cha Eun-seok tells Ra-ra that he wasn’t the person who sent the piano and that he isn’t the social media account “dodosolsollalasol” — it boggles the mind that he didn’t tell her the first time she broached the subject. They ask Director Chu to investigate, and in exchange, he wants to be able to rent a room at Eun-seok’s place. Eun-seok half-heartedly accepts, but the pair create a bromance instantly, with Chu cooking Eun-seok plenty of food that he loves.

“Dodosolsollalasol” revealed

Director Chu knows where the owner of the piano shop is after it was closed down. He speaks to the previous owner and learns that Kim Man-bok bought the piano. This was a surprising, heartwarming twist. The k-drama series understands the importance of community and kindness.

Staying by his side

As Ra-ra runs over to Kim Man-bok’s greenhouse to thank him, he has a heart attack. She finds him on the ground and gets him to the hospital. Ra-ra stays by his side and remembers the moments she had with Kim Man-bok. His son turns up worried. When she leaves the hospital, Ra-ra tells Jun about Kim Man-bok but tells him he is stable and doesn’t need to come over; she also tells him that he is “Dodosolsollalasol”. Ra-ra wants to know how Kim Man-bok knew her father.

Visiting Man-bok

After permission from his mother, Jun visits Kim Man-bok in hospital. He asks Eun-seok to check up on Man-bok often as he can’t look after him from home. The pair talk about Ra-ra and the crashing of the wedding. Eun-seok seems to be warmer to Jun now after the drama of 6 months ago. This is a welcome change in the story; it’s almost relieving that Eun-seok isn’t trying to pursue a romance with Ra-ra.


Due to the wedding video, Ha-yeong and Seung-gi are finding business; Seung-gi hugs her, and she pushes him off — these two are still in denial about their feelings it seems. They tell Ra-ra what happened; Jun’s wedding crash ensured their video got loads of views. Sook-kyeong then storms in excited, explaining they’ll be able to keep the place as Eun-seok is buying it. Ra-ra is happy that she gets to keep her piano academy but wishes Jun was there to celebrate.

The ending

Thinking far ahead, Sunwoo Jun looks at engagement rings; a woman he knows named Jung Ga-yeong catches him by surprise at the jewellery store. She’s happy that she has found him and asks Jun if he missed her. This may cause repercussions in the story.

In the epilogue, Ra-ra cannot find her teacup. It’s been stolen. It’s revealed that Jun has it in his bedroom.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 13 has that warmth of community and togetherness; the series has plenty of twists and turns but essentially, the k-drama boils down to cherishing family and friends.

Additional points
  • Jun tells Ra-ra that he has got her car back and she’s grateful. He doesn’t seem too concerned with the money and pretends he wants to be a loan shark.
  • Ra-ra meets her old friend Mr Moon who used to work with her father. He talks about a life long dream of his to become an actor. Afterwards, he gives Ra-ra a wad of money.

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