Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 12 recap – [spoiler] and Ra-ra get married

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 12, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
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Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 12


Episode 12 sees Ra-ra let Jun go but then there’s a twist that escalates the story in an extremely unexpected way that makes the next two weeks very interesting.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Jun runs to Ra-ra’s piano academy while she plays the piece he sent her which makes her cry. When Ra-ra looks up, Jun enters the place and hugs her. Afterwards, he rides her around the town on his bike as she cries with happiness at seeing him. Jun apologises to her for lying but states that he didn’t mean to deceive her. He explains why he fled home due to intense family issues — he also explains his guilt over Ji-hun’s death. Ra-ra tells him that it isn’t his fault. Episode 12 is about plenty of sweet moments, but then nearer the end, we experience an almost outrageous twist.

The hospital cover is over

In the hospital, Seung-gi is still pretending to be Jun, and he hides under the covers as they give him an IV. Chon Yun-sil and the doctors then realise it is Seung-gi and they have been fooled. Jun gives himself up immediately and rings his mother to stop her from berating his friends.

Grow more

Ra-ra tells Jun that Si-a spoke to her the other day — Ji-hun’s sister. She remembers at graduation that Jun took a photo of her. Before Jun leaves, he tries to kiss Ra-ra, but she backs off and tells him he isn’t tall enough and he needs to grow more. This was a strange moment from Ra-ra — maybe she still feels weird about the situation.

Back to normality

Jun returns home, and he tells his mother she doesn’t need to worry anymore and asks for his phone back. Jun and Ra-ra return to their respective lives and keep in touch with each other. Ra-ra keeps on teaching Eun-seok piano, which makes Jun a little jealous. Jun finds Ra-ra in Cha Eun-seok’s office, and he’s upset because he wants to look after her.

A heartbreaking situation

Chon Yun-sil meets Ra-ra and tells her that she doesn’t like her. She doesn’t want her and Jun to carry on because it’s a critical time for her son. Ra-ra says she understands, but it must be painful for her to agree to these terms. Chon Yun-sil explains how important Jun is to her and her husband and that the situation breaks her heart.

This changes the course of the story — this is the pivotal moment that triggers the final four chapters.

One last time together

Ra-ra tells Jun that she wants to do “one last thing” with him after spending the day with him — she’s having one last day with him before she stops seeing him for good, but Jun doesn’t seem aware that it’s their last time. The “one last thing” is riding a bike. As Jun finds a bike, she walks away and leaves a letter. It’s a letter bringing up memories, offering Jun encouragement and giving hope that one day they may meet again when the time is right. Tears stream down Jun’s face, but he tells himself that they will meet again. Ra-ra narrates that she is heartbroken and fears that she will never see Jun again.

Eun-seok’s confession

Eun-seok catches Ra-ra as she heads home and gives her a drink. He confesses that he has seen her before at a graduation event; he saw her play Mozart on the stage. He gives her some flowers to cheer her up. Ra-ra tells Eun-seok that she knows he is the “Dodosolsollalasol” account. This is hardly a twist at this stage — Eun-seok has always tried to use his wealth to try court Ra-ra; the storyline is very similar to Kim Man-bok’s story with his wife.

6 months later…

Ha-yeong and Seung-gi give Sook-kyeong and friends their business plan. They are going to use money from their college tuition fees fund. The group is angry that they plan to give up college. Ha-yeong states that they are old enough to make their own decisions, but Sook-kyeong isn’t having it and beats them with a roll of paper.

The ending

Jun hears rumors that Eun-seok is marrying Ra-ra and he is flustered when he sees the Instagram post. The wedding is happening that day, so he runs to the wedding venue. This escalated quickly, and there is no way anyone could have predicted this — it feels bizarre that Ra-ra chose to marry Eun-seok when she is blatantly in love with Jun.

As they are about to complete their marriage, Jun runs through the church doors. Jun stands in the doorway, and he looks devastated. He walks up to Ra-ra and grabs her by the hand and takes her outside and they run away.

In the epilogue, Jun and Ra-ra continue running off.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 12 sees Ra-ra let Jun go but then there’s a twist that escalates the story in an extremely unexpected way that makes the next two weeks very interesting.

Additional points
  • Chon Yun-sil tells Jun’s father to take it easy on Jun as she’s trying not to push him away.
  • Ra-ra sold the car she treasured, so she has some extra money.

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