Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 11 recap – Ra-ra deals with Jun’s secret and the aftermath

November 11, 2020
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Episode 11 deals with the aftermath of Jun’s secret in a chapter that calms the story down.

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Episode 11 deals with the aftermath of Jun’s secret in a chapter that calms the story down.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

At the start of the episode, Chon Yun-sil confronts Ra-ra at the same moment she arranges to meet Sunwoo Jun. In the next scene, Jun is dragged into a car by his family as Ra-ra stands there, alone and crying — this is a repeat of the last episode, where Ra-ra finally learns the truth. 

Ra-ra is downbeat but also very hungry

On the news, An Jung-ho is also a suspect in the murder of a man killed in a marine park which has sent shockwaves to Sook-kyeong and her friends. The next day, Ra-ra is struggling — she keeps looking at the Santa Lucia ferry as she promised to get on it with Jun. Afterwards, she eats like an animal as she is consistently hungry — Sook-kyeong and Ha-yeong are concerned. Ra-ra is suffering from heartbreak in episode 11 — she has relied on Jun emotionally since he arrived in her life, and this is a blow to her character.

Jun tries to sneak out in the middle of the night

In the middle of the night, Jun tries to escape his parent’s house, but his mother catches him. He wants to tell Ra-ra the rest of the story because he senses that she will be devastated. Chon Yun-sil tells Jun that Ra-ra is a shameless woman. Jun tries leaving but learns he is locked in.

Kim Man-bok’s heartbreaking story

Ra-ra tells Kim Man-bok that she didn’t know Jun was a runaway kid. Kim Man-bok reminds her that she knew who he truly was and that he has a soft heart. He explains that just like his wife, they’ll find a way back to each other. Flashbacks (using Ra-ra and Jun to represent Kim Man-bok and Sun-ja) show how Kim Man-bok broke up with his wife over a misunderstanding and then they found each other. In one of the scenes, Kim Man-bok feels hurt that Sun-ja did not tell another man that she’s taken. Kim Man-bok ended it on that notion; the other man had a nice suit and boots; he was obviously wealthy. Episode 11 shows how Man-bok was insecure about his own financial standing, believing he wasn’t good enough for the love of his life.

The wrong coffee shop

After their break-up, Kim Man-bok sends Sun-ja a letter. He admits to breaking up with her because he had nothing, but he knows he made a mistake. The woman who reads the letter to her (Sun-ja is illiterate) gives her the wrong coffee shop to meet Kim Man-bok on purpose because she didn’t want to lose a maid. Kim Man-bok believed that was the end, so he moved away.

Reunion with Si-a

Si-a enters the piano academy, which stops the story, and she is impressed that Ra-ra has opened up a business. The pair catch up; Si-a feels guilty for not helping Ra-ra’s pain after her father died. Ra-ra then realises that Si-a’s brother Ji-hun knew Jun. The memories flood back regarding Jun, and Ra-ra feels upset again.

A letter sent to Ra-ra

Ra-ra receives a letter to her academy that makes her breakdown in tears. She looks at a photo of Ji-hun and Jun and wonders why Jun lied to her about knowing about her all along. There’s so much the character is learning in episode 11 that gives so much perspective to what’s happened to her since her father died.

A problem with Jun

Ha-yeong and Seung-gi head to Jun’s house to try and speak to him and his mother. Cho Yun-sil is fretting that they’ve come all this way. Suddenly, Ha-yeong and Seung-gi see Jun get hoisted into an ambulance in an extreme twist in the story.

A recital by Kim Man-bok

Ra-ra arranges a piano night where Kim Man-bok plays a recital of “A Maiden’s Prayer”. He plays it in dedication to his wife Sun-ja. A flashback shows he found his wife when he heard this piano piece outside a music store. Sun-ja stood outside the same store out of chance. This song was the last memory Sun-ja could hold on to as she deteriorated before she died.

The ending

When Ra-ra opens the letter, it’s revealed to be a piano piece called “Pleasure of Love”. It’s what Jun created and sent to her. Ra-ra plays the piece with emotions in her eyes, and she begins to cry. When she looks up, Jun stands before her.

In the epilogue, it’s revealed that Jun pretended to collapse, so they got him an ambulance. This is how he escaped. Seung-gi switched places with Jun at the hospital.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 11 deals with the aftermath of Jun’s secret in a chapter that calms the story down. It’s clear that both characters are going to struggle to stay apart as they clearly miss each other but with 5 episodes left, what will the solution be?

Additional points
  • Sook-kyeong provides Director Chu with a haircut, and they keep bickering with each other like a couple.

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