Jason Amato Testified Against His Brother Grant In Court During High-Profile Murder Case

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 16, 2024
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Where is Jason Amato Now? Grant Amato's Surviving Brother Explained
Jason Amato At The Trial of His Brother Grant | Image via WESH

Ctrl+Alt+Desire reveals the chilling story of Grant Amato, whose obsession with an online cam girl led to a deadly spiral of deception and eventually murder. Despite shooting and killing his parents and brother Cody, Grant did not murder his other brother Jason Amato, who testified for the prosecution in Grant’s trial and has been keeping an understandably low profile ever since.

Where is Jason Amato now?

Traumatized by the loss of his parents and brother and the revelations of the subsequent trial, the whereabouts of Jason Amato are currently unknown. He is deliberately avoiding the spotlight.

Jason would have to attend the trial of his brother Grant, who was accused of murdering his parents and other sibling Cody, and staging the scene to look like a murder-suicide. Jason would learn of the killings, and in an article in Fox35, he would recall when the news was broken to him:

“It was pretty scary,” he said.

“[Police] came into the building and the whole building got shut down – police officers everywhere. They took me into a room, questioned me and later gave me very general details that there was a woman and two males in their 30s found in the house.”

At the trial, Jason would break down when talking about the terrible news, and we can only imagine what he must have gone through.

Jason Amato’s testimony against his brother in court

Where is Jason Amato Now? Grant Amato's Surviving Brother Explained

Jason Amato testifying in court | Image via WESH

At the trial, Jason would reveal that a contract had been written, no doubt after Grant had left rehab, with certain stipulations that had been made about Grant returning to the family home. The contract included things such as limited time being allowed for Grant to be online, and no more all-night webcam chats.

However, it was alleged that Grant could not control his online cam girl habit, leading to his father asking him to leave the house altogether. It may have been this circumstance that led to the murders.

At the trial, Jason was asked by the accused’s attorney if he still loved his brother. Jason would reply that he did, and go on to say, “It’s been a tragic year. Too many tragedies to handle, multiple losses, and uncertainty in the future. I’m a proud Amato, and I will rise up stronger than before.”

Jason would deliver an impact statement at the trial, and would emotionally speak of his family, saying his father only wanted “the best for his boys”. He also spoke about his mother and would break down when saying how much he would miss her voice.

Since the trial Jason has avoided the public spotlight, understandably wanting to try and move on after such a devastating series of events.

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