Grant Amato’s Fate: Where Is He Now After His Notorious Trial?

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 16, 2024
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Where is Grant Amato now? CTRL+ALT+DESIRE Killer Explained
Grant Amato | Image via A&E True Crime

Ctrl+Alt+Desire explains the terrible circumstances around Grant Amato, who was obsessed with a cam girl and allegedly committed the most heinous of crimes, leading to his arrest and trial. Despite his ongoing pleas of innocence, Amato remains in prison for the murder of his parents and brother.

Where is Grant Amato now?

Where is Grant Amato now? CTRL+ALT+DESIRE Killer Explained

Grant Amato | Image via Paramount+

After his trial, and at the time of writing, Grant Amato remains incarcerated at the Tomoka Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach. Amato still pleads that he is innocent of the triple murder.

As explained in the docuseries, Amato was accused of slaying his parents and brother Cody, though his other sibling Jason Amato was not harmed. He left the crime scene looking as if they had been victims of a murder-suicide.

Grant had developed an obsessive online relationship with a cam girl in Europe, and it is alleged that the killings occurred when his family tried to intervene.

What did Grant Amato do?

Grant Amato murdered his parents and brother, all by gunshot.

Grant became involved with a cam girl he knew as Silvie. In a situation prevalent in today’s society, Amato would constantly be online and forming a parasocial relationship with the Bulgarian call girl.

After losing his job he began spending more and more time online, fueling an unhealthy addiction to pornography that would lead him to discover online cam girls. In particular, he became interested in the Bulgarian worker nicknamed Silvie. He would spend all his time with her online, stealing money to fund his habit, and paying thousands of dollars to see and speak to her.

Eventually, the situation became so out of hand that his family would try and intervene, and Amato would go to rehab to help with his condition. Upon his return to the family home, he would go back online to continue his obsession with Silvie.

Amato’s father found out about this and told him to leave. It is alleged that the tensions that arose over this situation would lead to the terrible triple murder of his parents and his brother.

Throughout the trial, it was revealed that Grant’s brother had admitted to his partner that he was worried that Amato may “kill everybody” over the situation. The authorities would prove to a jury that Amato had shot his mother in the back of her head while she was working at a computer before also shooting and killing his father and brother.

Grant Amato’s Prison Sentence

Grant Amato was found guilty of murdering his parents and brother and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He managed to avoid receiving the death penalty for the crimes.

How much did Grant Amato spend on the cam girl?

It was reported that Amato had spent over two hundred thousand dollars in his “relationship” with Silvie. Reports indicated that he would take one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from his parents, and it was also suggested that he took sixty thousand from his brother without his knowing, and even sold stolen items from the home such as guns to gain more money.

It was also alleged that Amato had taken out a loan on the family home for over sixty thousand dollars, all to pay for his time with the cam girl.

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