Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 10 recap – Ra-ra learns the truth about Sunwoo Jun

November 5, 2020
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Episode 10 is a fast-paced continuation from the previous chapters; secrets are revealed, and the situation for Sunwoo Jun is changed forever.

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Episode 10 is a fast-paced continuation from the previous chapters; secrets are revealed, and the situation for Sunwoo Jun is changed forever.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Ra-ra tells Jun how she misses her father and how Shin Jae-min’s competition reminded her of him. She then talks of how she has discovered a new version of herself since moving. She regrets never being able to say “I love you” to her father before he died on her wedding day. Jun tells her that he wants to explain his story.

Of course, this is before her kidnapping, and then we enter the most intense period of this k-drama series so far.

Ra-ra is kidnapped

Moments later, Ra-ra is kidnapped by An Jung-ho. Eun-seok is alerted about her disappearance. We are then back to the scene in episode 9 where Jun checks out An Jung-ho’s apartment and sees all the photos of Ra-ra and her student ID, and he is understandably alarmed. He sees a Good&Good Lifestyle box, and he remembers the training center where he last saw that brand.

The characters in this series have an unbelievable memory and a keen eye.

The reason An Jung-ho kidnapped Ra-ra

Tied up, Ra-ra wakes up with An Jung-ho opposite her. He tries calming her down, stating that no-one else is around; he then tells her he wants her love and attention and that they should be together. As Ra-ra starts shouting, An Jung-ho kicks her unconscious. Jun enters the room, and both men start fighting; Jun accidentally hurts An Jung-ho badly, and he bleeds from the head — he looks to be dead at this point, and Jun is panicking.

Good to see a bit of action in an otherwise lighter k-drama series.

Jun is arrested while Ra-ra and An Jung-ho get medical help

Eun-seok and the others start looking at CCTV footage to try and find Ra-ra. Meanwhile, Jun is crying and breathing heavily; Kim Man-bok rings him and hears him crying. Jun explains that he thinks An Jung-ho is dead. Moments later, Ra-ra and An Jung-ho are placed in an ambulance, and Jun is arrested — An Jung-ho is not dead.

Jun is a 19-year old high school senior

Jun is not in the police station for long as he is freed. The police then realize that Sunwoo Jun is a 19-year old runaway student. News spreads that Jun is a highschool senior and Ha-yeong is surprised. Meanwhile, Director Chu wakes up, and Sook-kyeong checks up on him. He does not remember how he ended up in the hospital.

The mother finally finds Jun

Jun finally confronts his mother, and she’s furious — she tells him that everything has to go back to normal as his father doesn’t know he has disappeared. Jun shouts back and walks off. Afterward, Jun’s mother researches where Jun has lived and learns a lot about his work, Ra-ra, and his life from Sook-Kyeong’s friends. When she learns that Ra-ra is a divorcee, she wonders what they are implying, and her anger boils over.

The mother visits Ra-ra in hospital

Jun’s mother heads to the hospital to see Ra-ra, who is asleep in her bed. She recognizes her from the corn dog van and knows she’s Im Ja-gyeong’s daughter-in-law whose wedding was called off. She’s disgusted that she seduced Jun. She asks Ha-yeong to call her when Ra-ra wakes up. Director Chu’s suffering from bad memory loss, but he remembers Jun’s mother (now known as Cho Yun-sil). Cho Yun-sil overhears Director Chu and heads to his hospital bed.

Ra-ra learns the truth about Jun

Ra-ra wakes up and Director Chu is frustrated and reveals that Jun is a highschool runaway, which shocks her. She immediately grabs a taxi and heads to the police station. The police have asked him more questions about the kidnapper — his mother expects him to return home. Jun tells her he isn’t returning home and that he’s off to see Ra-ra, but then he’s grabbed by security men. Kim Man-bok tells Jun that he will explain everything to Ra-ra. By the time Ra-ra reaches the police station, they tell her he has left to return to Seoul. She wonders if Jun was ever going to tell her.

As we predicted in previous chapters, the truth was always going to hurt Ra-ra the most.

Jun is a runaway, again

On the way to Seoul, Jun pretends he needs the bathroom and runs off. Cho Yun-sil and her men lose him; she tells them to look for Ra-ra and Kim Man-bok as she believes that’s where he will go. Jun ends up bumping into Ha-yeong’s school friend Seung-gi; he tells Jun that they didn’t tell Ra-ra the truth about him as they wanted to allow him to tell her — he gives Jun his phone and tells him to phone her.

The ending

Jun calls Ra-ra. He tells her how much he misses her and asks if they can meet at the dock.

He meets her at the dock but then his mother turns up. Jun wants ten minutes to talk to her. His father then shows up and tells him to get into the car. They drive off, and Ra-ra cries.

In the epilogue, it’s revealed that Ra-ra told Cho Yun-sil the whereabouts of her son. Will she feel guilty? What does this mean now for them both? Will they ever be friends again?

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 10 is a fast-paced continuation from the previous chapters; secrets are revealed, and the situation for Sunwoo Jun is changed forever.

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