Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 7 recap – did Eun-seok send the piano?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 28, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Recap


Episode 7 keeps the K-Drama series steady — there are little answers, almost like it’s leading to a grandstanding moment.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Honestly, the switch from Private Lives to this on the same day boggles the mind — from a convoluted storyline to a sweet, laidback drama is a little bit like whiplash.

The man who apparently owns the “dodosolsollalasol” account meets Ra-ra for the first time — it’s the same man whose hair Sook-kyeong cut incorrectly. Eun-seok turns up for the big revelation. Ra-ra thanks him for his kindness. But then the man says he isn’t “dodosolsollalasol” so the anticipation from episode 6 is lost completely. Meanwhile, Sunwoo Jun meets Kim Man-bok after investigators came to look for him — he tells Sunwoo Jun that he put them on the wrong path.

Is it Eun-seok?

“Dodosolsollalasol” Instagram account messages Ra-ra apologising for not making it. Sook-kyeong and her daughter reassure Ra-ra that she will meet the man one day. Later in the night, Ra-ra believes she may have a clue to who owns the social media account. She believes it is Eun-seok. Later on, Ra-ra tells Sunwoo Jun her theory. Sunwoo Jun tells her that based on her theory, it could have been him as well. He carries on teasing her about it.

But who is it? It’s such an ominous mystery so far, but it would be predictable if it were Eun-seok.

Dreaming of enrolling loads students

There’s a piano competition in town, and Ra-ra wants to put one of her students forward to raise her popularity. She believes a young student named Shin Jae-min could be a prospect. She then wakes up from a dream that had loads of students enrolling at her academy. She asks Sunwoo Jun to find Shin Jae-min as she hasn’t seen him for a while.

After this conversation, Sunwoo Jun is suspicious of one of Ra-ra’s students, believing he has seen the man somewhere before.

A financial incentive

Sunwoo Jun’s mother visits Mr Kim Man-bok and asks about her son. He tells her that he has headed to Jeonju. Frustrated, the mother pays the man and asks him to contact her if Sunwoo Jun ever shows up. She asks her investigators to go to Jeonju immediately, but she then sees Sunwoo Jun at the side of the road. By the time she gets out of the car, he’s gone, and the mother ends up speaking to Ra-ra. She recognises Ra-ra from the wedding.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens once Jun is found.

The promise to Ra-ra

Later in the evening, Sunwoo Jun wants to tell Ra-ra something, and he gives her a drink that will help perk her up and stop the naps. Afterwards, Kim Man-bok speaks to Sunwoo Jun and tells him he lied for him again. He gives Jun the money his mother gave him, but he refuses it, asking Mr Kim to keep it. Sunwoo Jun remembers his promise to Ra-ra to not run away.

Feeding a hungry child

The next day, Jun shows Ra-ra where Shin Jae-min is. They find the child, and they want to feed him a meal as he is starving. Sook-Kyeong cooks them all a meal, and she gets emotional when she serves it. We learn that Sook-Kyeong grew up in a children’s home, and feeding Shin Jae-min brought back memories.

The ending

Sook-Kyeong’s daughter Ha-yeong asks Jun out on a date, but he rejects her. She’s absolutely devastated. When telling her friend Seung-gi, they devise a plan to bring together Ra-ra and Eun-seok on a date — they organise a cinema and do not turn up. Ra-ra and Eun-seok go to the cinemas anyway.

Sunwoo Jun waits for Ra-ra and keeps ringing her, but there’s no answer. He rings Ha-yeong and asks where she is. Ha-yeong tells him that Ra-ra has gone to the cinema with Eun-seok. A flashback shows Seung-gi telling Jun that Ha-yeong is trying to get Ra-ra and Eun-seok to fall for each other. As the episode ends, Eun-seok grabs Ra-ra’s hands.

In the epilogue, Jun watches Ra-ra nap, and he wafts cool air at her as it is hot. That’s why he got the air-conditioning unit.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 7 keeps the K-Drama series steady — there are little answers, almost like it’s leading to a grandstanding moment.

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