Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 6 recap – we now know why Sunwoo Jun left home

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 22, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Recap
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 6 felt a little lacklustre considering the reveals, but there is a story here that is intriguing, making the audience wonder how it will all end.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Ra-ra plays her piano while waiting for Sunwoo Jun. When Jun walks through the door, he barely acknowledges her. She then believes Jun has grown in height. In a flashback, Jun wishes he didn’t lie about his age the day he met her — he wasn’t expecting to cross paths with her again. In the present day, he grabs her as she nearly falls and as he’s about to kiss her, Ra-ra headbutts his nose. Meanwhile, Eun-seok battles with the truth about Sunwoo Jun.

Jun remembers Eun-seok

While Eun-seok remembers Jun, it seems that Jun remembers Eun-seok — the battle between both men intensifies as they both now hold a secret.

Eun-seok enters the cafe Sunwoo Jun works at and orders food and drink. He decides not to broach the subject with him and leaves it for another day. Eun-seok leaves behind an item that Sunwoo Jun recognises — he remembers bumping into Eun-seok before. Meanwhile, Ra-ra is paranoid that Jun is mad at him due to the nose bleed.

Eun-seok lays down the reality

Jun decides to face it head-on and speaks to Eun-seok about the secret. When asked why he ran away, Jun does not feel obligated to tell Eun-seok why. Eun-seok asks Jun if he will run away if he tells his parents. Eun-seok reminds Jun that he’s using “Deception” that will ruin people’s lives.

It’s easy to be on Eun-seok’s side regarding this — it is purely a deceptive thing that Jun is doing, regardless of the circumstances.

Ra-ra obtains a new student

Ra-ra has a new student who wants to pay and come every day to learn. He’s extremely eager to get started. However, his older student Mr Kim arrives for his lesson. While teaching him, she asks Mr Kim if he’s seen Jun — she’s clearly worried about him.

Why Jun left home

Episode 6 gives the audience what it wants — the context to why Jun left.

Jun remembers the time his high school friend Kim Ji-hun died. It was his birthday, and his friend wanted to celebrate it with him. His friend leaves the house, and as he crosses the road, Jun shouts after him asking for a “Goodbye”. Kim Ji-hun is hit by a truck as he turns around. Afterwards, his father tells him he has a weak mindset, and in his job, people die all the time. He wants him to study and has high expectations. Jun ran away after that, and that’s why his mother is desperate to find him. Back in the present day, Jun wonders if he has to run away again.

An upset Ra-ra

But of course, the context makes for an awkward story with Ra-ra who is growing rather fond of Jun.

Jun cannot ponder long as Ra-ra finds him. He tells her he wants to disappear. Ra-ra finds it audacious how he can move away so quickly. Jun asks her for some peace and Ra-ra walks off, feeling upset. On the way home, Ra-ra finds a boy near her academy, and she teaches him piano. They talk about a man that is closing in his feelings, and the supporting scenes show Jun.

Ra-ra lists reasons to Jun to why he cannot leave

Jun returns to the academy; Ra-ra states that with him gone, the academy will not be looked after with the plants needing care and the place needing to maintain tidiness. Jun tells her that he is not going to disappear because he likes his money and he wants it back.

We both have secrets

Later on, Jun asks Eun-seok how he knows Ra-ra’s ex-husband. He wonders why Eun-seok never told Ra-ra — Jun highlights that they both have secrets.

So essentially, both men have secrets now that they hold about each other – episode 6 provides a stalemate.

The ending

Late into the night, Ra-ra texts “dodosolsollalasol” thanking them for changing their life which has meant making good friends and enjoying a new piano. She’s looking forward to meeting the owner of the account. As the episode ends, the people looking for Jun have a new lead — a man claims to have seen Jun save Mr Kim who collapsed in the shopping mall.

As the episode ends, Ra-ra thinks that “dodosolsollalasol” is a woman but then another person walks out, fully suited.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 6 felt a little lacklustre considering the reveals, but there is a story here that is intriguing, making the audience wonder how it will all end.

Additional points
  • Ra-ra barges into Sook-Kyeong’s beauty salon again, which makes everyone jump. She accidentally miscuts her latest client’s hair.
  • In the epilogue, Oh Yeong-ju scopes out the academy and Sook-Kyeong mocks her, claiming no-one is inside playing the piano and jokes there is a ghost. It was Ra-ra’s dog.

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