Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 5 recap – Sunwoo Jun’s secret is revealed

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 21, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Recap
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 5 keeps it light despite a darker subplot emerging about Sunwoo Jun.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

After a disheartening episode of Private Livesat least Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is light and easy to follow.

Episode 5 opens with the same scene episode 4 ended with; Sunwoo Jun experiencing a traumatic memory and he asks Ra-ra to stay. Ra-ra tells him that everything is okay. Sunwoo Jun suddenly tells her is fine and tells Ra-ra that she can leave.

Ra-ra and Jun talk about dreams

In a chapter that ends strangely, Ra-ra and Jun appear to be growing closer in episode 5, with Eun-seok not as competitive.

Ra-ra tries to encourage Jun to open up on his sorrows as it will be helpful. Ra-ra tells Jun that her dream is to have a prime beef tenderloin. Jun chooses not to have dreams but finds hers very strange. When Ra-ra goes to bed, Jun tucks her in.

Teaching for free

Ra-ra has her first official student; the elderly man from episode 3 who asked her to play “A Maiden’s Prayer” for his deceased wife. He wants to learn that piece; however, as he is skint, Ra-ra offers to do it for free.

The rivalry continues

Although Eun-seok has calmed down somewhat for episode 5, the rivalry to win Ra-ra’s heart continues.

Eun-seok is in Jun’s cafe that he works in and he keeps looking at him. He asks Jun if he was sick as Ra-ra claimed he was the night before. Eun-seok is still getting under Jun’s skin. We later learn that Eun-seok left Ra-ra her favourite face cream. He’s trying to be as romantic as possible.

Ra-ra asks Eun-seok why he became a doctor if he’s so good at piano. He tells her that he was too smart. She calls him a show-off and asks why he doesn’t just play the piano as a hobby.

She’s got a good point.

Flowers arrive

Eun-seok, Ra-ra, Ha-yeong and her friend from school all eat together. Eun-seok reveals that he was married, but then he got divorced. Jun walks in, and he also learns that Eun-seok is divorced.

Flowers have been delivered to the beauty salon, and they wonder if it’s from the “dodosolsollalasol” Instagram account. Outside, a man in a suit in the shadows stands there sinisterly.

Late-night phone calls

Later in the night, Jun and Ra-ra enjoy a phone call. She tells him she can get her car soon. Jun gets flustered when she asks why he called. He says “Good night” as he’s so shy.

Close shaves

As episode 5 edges near to the end, his secret gets closer to the audience.

Jun’s mother begs Detective Kang to find her son. She rings Director Chu and tells him she’s paid a hefty amount — she’s fuming. She doesn’t want her husband to find out that she’s trying to find Sunwoo Jun. The mother gives the man more money. Ra-ra ends up bumping into Director Chu, and Jun watches from a distance.

The car arrives

Ra-ra’s car arrives, so she gets in it with Sunwoo Jun. She shows him a teddy that’s in the glove box that her father gave her — she evidently has many memories in this car. They go driving together. Late on, Ra-ra falls asleep in the car — Sook-Kyeong asks Ha-yeong to wake up, but she ends up joining her and sleeping.

Cherishing the car

The next day, Ra-ra tries selling the car as she needs the money; she has so many memories in that car that she’s hesitant. Jun intervenes and tells the car salesman that she isn’t selling it. Jun then tells Ra-ra that he wants her to be his driver and explains that it’s sad to lose something you cherish (referring to her car). He then talks about a friend and how he died.

Ra-ra tells Jun that he should cry when he wants and let it all out. Jun begins to cry which makes Ra-ra cry — “I’m sad because you’re crying”.

The ending

Eun-seok goes to another hospital to meet a Dr. Park Chun-ho. While on his way out, he sees a photo on a noticeboard that grabs his attention. The organization is “Sharing Hope By Giving”. He sees Sunwoo Jun. A doctor explains to him that Jun’s father is the director, the only son of the Sunwoo Foundation family. Rumour has it that Jun has gone to a prestigious high school known for sending many students to med school. He also learns that he’s in twelfth grade.

Well, this makes the story rather uncomfortable — especially the ending.

As the chapter ends, Jun enters the piano academy, and Ra-ra believes he’s acting strange so walks right up to him. She thinks he’s grown a little taller and wonders how he can grow at 24 years old. Ra-ra measures his height and nearly falls over; Jun grabs her by the waist, and they have a moment. He goes in for the kiss and then it ends.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 5 keeps it light despite a darker subplot emerging about Sunwoo Jun. It poses many questions for future episodes:

Will Eun-seok reveal Jun’s secret to everyone?

Why did Jun run away?

Will Jun run away again now that he knows his secret is out?

Additional points
  • Sook-Kyeong gossips about Ra-ra and Sunwoo Jun with her friends.
  • Ha-yeong is convinced she loves Sunwoo and wants to confess to him.
  • Eun-seok meets up with Oh Yeong-ju, and they seem to have a history. Eun-seok gets frustrated with her. Oh Yeong-ju stalks him, and Sook-Kyeong catches her and ends up doing her hair.
  • While playing the piano, Ra-ra can smell vegetable pancakes from the beauty salon; she finds a door between her academy and the salon and smashes through. The door was papered up by wallpaper.

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