Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 3 recap – Ra-ra needs a job, quickly

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 14, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Recap
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Episode 3 is a little all over the place and bonkers but it holds a certain charm that gives the audience a sly smile.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 3 starts where episode 2 ended with a topless Sunwoo Jun Ra-ra innocently as he was trying to grab something. She wakes up and screams. Eun-seok has come over to the place as he was suspicious of Sunwoo Jun and was worried about Ra-ra as his patient. Ha-yeong is still being possessive over Sunwoo Jun and offers Ra-ra a place to stay to keep them both away from each other.

So far this series is hella quirky with the dynamic between characters full of energy and vibe.

A few questions

Eun-seok apologises to Sunwoo Jun for the misunderstanding and asks if he has lived here for a long time (So he doesn’t trust him still despite the apology). Sunwoo Jun explains how he bumped into Ra-ra at the wedding.

These two have definitely got a rivalry — Eun-seok is not revealing all his cards yet — he knows something but he is also infatuated by Ra-ra.

Homeless, again, briefly

Ra-ra enters Ha-yeong’s house and the mother asks how she will pay for rent; Ra-ra explains how she will figure it out once her hand heals. The mother accuses her of being a parasite which upsets Ra-ra and she walks out. When she goes outside, Ra-ra thinks about her father while looking at the stars — she misses him. Sunwoo Jun then sees her outside and she hugs him while sobbing. Eun-seok sees them hugging from a distance. Ra-ra wants to continue borrowing money.


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 3 sees how Ra-ra is still aimlessly relying on Sunwoo Jun who seems happy being  a personal bank.

Sunwoo Jun agrees to be Ra-ra’s guarantor so she can move in with Ha-yeong and her mother. When Ra-ra sees her room she wants to be left in peace but when they check up on her, she’s sleeping. They had fears that she was hurting herself or that she was a con artist.

A new job

The next day, Ha-yeong does Ra-ra’s hair and she’s impressed with it. The family also feed her breakfast but she isn’t used to it because her family had a fancier breakfast. And it doesn’t take Ra-ra a long time to get a job — she gets a role as a piano instructor.

Sunwoo Jun checks up on Ra-ra and learns that she has a job and he’s pleased as she can pay him back. The next day, Ra-ra keeps following Sunwoo Jun while at work. Ha-yeong comes to Sunwoo Jun’s place if work and she’s bothered by Ra-ra being there.

Did his parents not support him?

Episode 3 hints at a wealth gap — well former wealth gap as Ra-ra learns something about Sunwoo Jun.

Ra-ra learns that Sunwoo Jun is only a middle school graduate and realises that maybe his parents never paid tuition — of course, this is only an assumption. As part of her arrangement, Sunwoo Jun looks after Ra-ra’s dog Mimi and she misses her a lot.

The cast is off

A significant moment happens as Ra-ra’s cast is now off. However, Sunwoo Jun is annoyed that her dog has urinated over some covers. They both go to a launderette. Ra-ra talks about the piano and memories — Sunwoo Jun tells her that the piano defines her as it was part of her life for 20 years. She’s touched by his words.

Back to the piano

Ra-ra plays the piano and Ha-yeong is impressed by her skills, feeling she has been duped. Her hands hurt as she plays — she’s overworking her fingers. Sunwoo Jun stops her as she’s only just recovered.

The ending

Ra-ra texts Sunwoo Jun in the middle of the night and tells him not to get too curious if she disappears for a few days. The next day, while playing the piano, an elderly man plays “A Maiden’s Prayer” on his stereo. He asks her to play it for him and offers money. She plays it for the man for free and he remembers his wife who we assume has passed away. The man cries and Ra-ra says no-one has ever cried at her music before and it means a lot to her.

Late at night, Sunwoo Jun rings Ra-ra after he got off work. She tells him about the old man who cried at her piano as he was so touched. As the chapter closes, Ra-ra looks up at the stars after bringing back her passion — piano. And as for Sunwoo Jun, someone is sneaking up behind him on the street.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 3 is a little all over the place and bonkers but it holds a certain charm that gives the audience a sly smile.

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