Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 2 recap – Ra-ra racks up a big tab

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 8, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Recap
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 2 is not as impressive as the premiere but it continues to flesh out the story well as the lead character has a hard time in the hospital.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Carrying on from the premiere, episode 2 sees Sunwoo Jun and Ra-ra getting closer by circumstance in a rather slow-moving chapter.

Episode 2 replays the accident again where Ra-ra hits Sunwoo Jun off his bike. He desperately frees Ra-ra from the car — she’s barely conscious so he rings for an ambulance. When Eun-seok gets to the hospital, he’s curious at the commotion. Eun-seok tells Sunwoo Jun that he should be treated as well but he insists he is okay. He’s trying to find a way to stay near Ra-ra.

The hospital

Ra-ra wakes up and apologises to Sunwoo Jun for hitting him with her car. She’s suddenly worried about her dog Mimi, believing she may have died, but Jun explains how the dog is at the veterinary. Eun-seok gives Ra-ra a brief rundown and how long it will take her to recover — she may struggle with the piano for a while but she does not seem bothered.

Sunwoo Jun asks for compensation

Afterward, Ra-ra cries in front of Jun because Instagram account “dodosolsollalasol” have told her they can meet in a month — she came all this way for no reason. After he calms her down, Jun wants compensation from the accident. Ra-ra explains she is broke which surprises Jun, believing she was married.

You can tell that this changes Jun’s perspective — the fact she is not married and her prospective husband is nowhere to be seen.

A big tab

In the following scenes, Ra-ra orders Jun around as she needs help with recovery in the hospital. He’s clearly still smitten by her. Ra-ra is also in a lot of pain. Jun checks out the veterinary bills and it’s a lot of money. Ra-ra asks if she can borrow money off Jun. Her tab is starting to rack up as he is starting to owe him a lot of money. Sunwoo Jun carries on looking after her and flitting between shifts at his job and at the hospital.

This is dedication and a lot of graft for someone he’s just met.

What if he never returns.

Eun-seok asks Jun why he’s looking after Ra-ra. He also wonders if they’ve met before but Jun brushes him off and rides his bike home. When he gets home, Jun is worried as he cannot see Ra-ra for two days and wonders if she will be able to cope. In the hospital, one of the patients tells her he may never return as a joke and it upsets Ra-ra.

Just play the piano

The toll of Jun not return is getting to Ra-ra as she’s clearly formed a bond with the man.

In a flashback, Ra-ra gets upset because she believed a friend named Min-ju had fallen out with her. Piano teacher Gong Mi-suk tells her to play the piano. In the present, there’s a piano in the hospital and she watches the pianist play.

An itchy head

It goes from bad to worse for Ra-ra in episode 2; she is starting to get a little dramatic.

Ra-ra is starting to believe that Sunwoo Jun is not coming back. She also gets a random itch on her head but she’s all alone in her hospital bed. When she gets out of bed, she slips on water and hurts her head badly. She sobs as she lays on the floor. Eun-seok finds her on the floor and she says how itchy her head is. Eun-seok scratches her head.

Please let me keep borrowing

Jun returns and helps Ra-ra back to her bed. She asks him where he’s been but he’s a little worn from recent events — he’s had a rough time. The pair catch up and Ra-ra defends the man she was about to marry — she also says she got scammed and lost her apartment. Jun thinks it’s an absurd plan to try and meet the social media account “dodosolsollalasol”. Ra-ra asks if she can keep borrowing money until she’s back on her feet and Jun seems to accept begrudgingly.

He must be fuming deep down.

Late-night wash

Jun takes her to the hair salon late at night to wash her hair. Ra-ra tells him he looks handsome. As time passes, Ra-ra continues to recover and sticks around Jun. Eun-seok still has a keen interest in her for some reason but he’s also curious about Jun.

There must be a link here somehow that will probably flesh out in further chapters.

The ending

Ra-ra visits the hairdresser of the salon who tries to take advantage of her when she sees her brand and styles. Ra-ra foolishly agrees to pay her next time she sees her. The hairdresser has a daughter — the same daughter that has a crush on Jun. The daughter is mad that her mother is allowing a tab for Ra-ra. Jun then walks through the door and it’s awkward as they all know each other. Jun gives her a place to stay and a bed mattress on the floor. He tells her that they will be sleeping together but he was joking.

Eun-seok is worried about Ra-ra and rings her phone while checking out the salon. The salon owner’s daughter catches him snooping. Ra-ra is in a deep sleep. A topless Jun tries to grab a water bottle near Ra-ra while she sleeps but she wakes up and screams. Eun-seok walks through the door after he hears the screams.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 2 is not as impressive as the premiere but it continues to flesh out the story well as the lead character has a hard time in the hospital.

Pianist songbook
  • Bang Jeong-nam asks someone to check up on Ra-ra as he’s worried about her.
  • Sunwoo Jun’s mother is still paying people money to look for her son.

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