Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 4 recap – what is Jun’s secret?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 15, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Recap
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 4 is the battle of love as both leading men try and capture Ra-ra’s heart.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 4 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The start of episode four sees Sunwoo Jun getting stalked; it turns out to be Eun-seok. Jun asks why he’s following him, but Eun-seok believes Jun is running away. Eun-seok then reveals he lives in the apartment block. The two men are battling for Ra-ra’s love. That’s pretty much the basis of episode 4 – a love battle between two men.

Opening her own Piano Academy

Ra-ra is told she doesn’t have the job anymore at the piano academy, which is a little embarrassing for her. Her luck turns after someone from Instagram kindly sends her a piano. She wants to make her own Piano Academy — Jun comes up with “LaLa Piano Land”. Late in the evening, Eun-seok rings up Ra-ra and asks if she’d like to go out for a meal. Sook-Kyeong is attracted to Eun-seok, and the next day he comes for a haircut, and she’s absolutely smitten.

A strange thank you

Eun-seok thanks Sunwoo Jun for looking after Ra-ra and helping with the academy. Jun is confused to why he’s thanking him, believing he has a motive behind his words. Later on, Ra-ra plays the piano and Jun is completely transfixed by her while he tidies and cleans the place.

It’s almost like Eun-seok is playing mind games with Jun — the apologies and constantly turning up is a little draining on the character it seems.

Make sure the academy does well

Ra-ra tells Jun to treat each other as family. He gets frustrated and tells her to run the academy well so she can start paying him back. Ra-ra cannot seem to read his frustrations.


The next day, Eun-seok tells Ra-ra that he has a day off and wants to take her out to dinner. She tells him she is too busy, so he offers to help her and tag along. Ra-ra hands out leaflets for her piano academy. She realises a lot of kids are already taking piano lessons and that everything all takes place in one school, with transport to help the children get around.

A revealing meal

Eun-seok and Ra-ra finally go for that meal. Jun is gutted because he bought her lunch. Eun-seok offers to pay off Ra-ra’s debt for Jun, but she refuses to accept his offer. She concludes that she feels comfortable around Jun but not so much around him. Eun-seok asks her how much does she really know Jun.

Afterwards, Eun-seok tells Ra-ra that he’d like to do this again sometime. Back at home, Ra-ra has a gift that has been left for her. She thinks it is Jun and texts him.

Now, I’m not a mind reader, but Ra-ra told Eun-seok that she’s interested in Jun but not him if you read between the lines. What is it with K-Drama series regarding men not taking the hint?

Suspicious circumstances

A dead body has been found in the sea at the beach. They think the person has been dead for a week. The ID on the person ends in “Jun”. Detective Kang rings Jun’s mother and tells her they believe her son is dead.

I want piano lessons

The next day, Ra-ra continues promoting her piano academy, and Jun watches from a distance — he’s in deep with this woman. Jun then tells her that he wants to learn the piano and gives Ra-ra a lesson fee. When she tries hugging him, he steps back for some reason. Eun-seok comes over and also states that he would like to learn the piano.

The ending

When Eun-seok plays the piano, she notices his relaxed posture and style — she senses that he’s lying and can already play the piano. Eun-seok then plays a melody. He’s a pro. Jun seems bothered by it. Eun-seok offers to take her home after every lesson. This truly is a rivalry now.

The next day, Sunwoo Jun seems a little down and beaten. He suddenly runs towards the LaLa Piano Land and then takes a deep breath and walks in. Ra-ra gives him some food and tells him to eat up.

It rains outside, so Jun and Ra-ra open the window and feel the droplets together. Afterwards, Jun offers to take her home, but then Eun-seok offers to give her a ride home in his car. At this point, Jun is losing this battle just because Eun-seok has money and a car. Suddenly, lightning strikes and Jun has a flashback and hears “Bye”. He looks upset and grabs her for a hug and says “Don’t go, don’t leave”. Tears run down his face. What is Jun’s secret?

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 4 is the battle of love as both leading men try and capture Ra-ra’s heart.

Additional points
  • Sook-Kyeong talks to her customers about how much she fancies Eun-seok.
  • Ra-ra is starting to really appreciate Sook-kyeong’s food.

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