Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 15 recap – [spoiler] has cancer in shocking reveal!

November 25, 2020
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Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 15


Episode 15 is an emotional rollercoaster bringing yet another shocking twist. This k-drama series has managed to go from strength to strength with the story, making the audience feel attached to the characters.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The start of the episode confirms that Jun is not in a relationship with Jung Ga-yeong — he’s asked her to pretend that she’s with him at the airport. It’s all an act. Meanwhile, Ra-ra greets Ms Gong at the airport and cries while hugging her. Jun looks on from a distance, and he’s clearly impacted by recent events. Episode 15 instigates another twist, and this one is genuinely heartbreaking. 

Ms Gong’s nice words 

When Ra-ra returns to the academy, Ms Gong asks about Jun, but that makes Ra-ra upset — she admits that they broke up. Ms Gong reminds her to play the piano when she’s upset, so she does. Ms Gong tells Ra-ra that when she was younger, her lessons on the piano filled her with joy while she was depressed — she asks Ra-ra never to give up. 

It was all staged 

Eun-seok tells Ra-ra that Jun bought out the building for the academy. And then his mother gave Eun-seok money and asked him to ensure the property stays in Ra-ra’s hands. The penultimate chapter sees Ra-ra learning more of the truth as the story progresses. 

Even the photos were planned 

Flashbacks reveal that Jun asked Director Chu to take photos of him and Jung Ga-yeong to make it look like he’s dating her. He wanted a reason to break-up with her. Director Chu tells Ra-ra about this conversation.

The real reason Jun had to break-up with Ra-ra

In the past, Jun’s mother asks her husband what they should do about Jun. As Jun walks in, his father explains that his son has acute myeloid leukaemia and it’s curable. He vows to get him treatment. Jun is shocked as his mother hugs him. He needs anti-cancer therapy. Jun tells his mother that he doesn’t want Ra-ra to see him die. This is the real reason for what happened in episode 14, and once again, it is completely unexpected and tragic. 

Eager for answers 

Jun then remembers a time when Jun was in her presence, meaning she’s known him longer than she thinks. Now that she’s figured out that the break-up was staged, she’s eager to find him for answers. She runs to his house, but as she does, Jun drives by, and they don’t see each other. 

The first place they met and Jun’s story of how they got there 

Ra-ra then figures out that the account “dodosolsollalasol” was Jun. She visits the cafe where they met and makes an Instagram post about the first time she saw him at this cafe. 

Jun gets out of his car and runs to the cafe and sees her through the window. She sees him, and it’s an emotional reunion. She asks him why he never told her that they first met in the cafe. Jun explains he hoped to see her again — “I had feelings for you from the first encounter”. After the wedding, he disguised himself as the account “dodosolsollalasol”, and this led to the accident where Ra-ra nearly hit Jun on his bike and injured herself. After this, he lent her money, and it escalated from here. 

But, the piano? 

Jun confirms it was Kim Man-bok that sent the piano, but the sender was named “dodosolsollalasol” as Man-bok knew everything about Jun. He then tells her that he did actually explain that he was “dodosolsollalasol”, but she thought it was a joke. It seems that Jun cared about Ra-ra and fell in love with her from the very first time he met her. 

Jun lies to why they broke up, again

Jun then lies again and tells her he broke up with her as he’s decided to go to the USA to study and that he will not be back for a long time. He explains he may settle there. Ra-ra tells Jun that she will not be able to forget him or the memories. After their conversation, Jun rings his mother and asks for two more days, and she accepts; her tone has changed since the cancer reveal; she wants her son to be genuinely happy. 

Spending the time they have 

After spending time with Ra-ra and friends, Jun asks Eun-seok to look after her as he will not be able to care for her. Ra-ra and Jun continue to spend time together. She intimately washes his hair, and they joke with each other. Jun gives Ra-ra a gift — a couple of rings. Jun asks her to play the piano for him as a gift. As the piano plays, flashbacks ensue of their memories. 

The ending

Ra-ra takes Jun to the airport, but before he leaves, she asks about the money he left for her. He tells her to keep it for now and pay it back all at once later. Before he goes through departures, Jun gives her a proper hug. In the epilogue, Jun gives Seung-gi a hat. They’ve become good friends recently. Jun admits he is scared, but Seung-gi tells him he shouldn’t be scared of studying. If Jun dies in the final episode, we will all be crying.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 15 is an emotional rollercoaster bringing yet another shocking twist. This k-drama series has managed to go from strength to strength with the story, making the audience feel attached to the characters.

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