Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 8 recap – Ra-ra and [spoiler] kiss!

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 29, 2020 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Recap


Episode 8 was a fairly informative chapter as the secret of Jun is edging closer, making the audience wonder how the other characters will react.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Carrying on from the last chapter, Eun-seok and Ra-ra leave the cinema. Ra-ra tells him that she doesn’t want to listen to his feelings for her as it will be a “No”. Eun-seok takes the rejection well and asks if she likes someone. But at that moment, Sunwoo Jun turns up and takes her away. He’s made her some food.

It’s abundantly obvious who she likes, and episode 8 confirms it.

Ra-ra and Jun miss each other

Sunwoo Jun meets Kim Man-bok and helps him out. He also listens to “The Maiden’s Prayer” and tries to learn how to play it himself at the academy. Meanwhile, Ra-ra is curious where Jun is — she rings and asks him to bring over her face cream. He rushes over with it and gives it to her. Jun admits that he misses her and tells her “Good night”. He asks her if she’s received any other strange gifts.

Delivering the air-conditioning

Ra-ra delivers Shin Jae-min a piano lesson as she vows to perfect his skills. Suddenly, Ra-ra’s air conditioning arrives by Kim Man-bok. He wants to thank Jun for the CD he gave him.

Don’t give up on Ra-ra

Ha-yeong is definitely persistent, and she will not give up her dream for Jun.

Ha-yeong visits Eun-seok and tells him not to give up on Ra-ra. He explains it is the first time he’s been rejected, and he’s quite relieved. Eun-seok believes in fate, and if Ra-ra comes back to him, then it’s meant to be. Ha-yeong is frustrated with him and walks out of his office.

Baking with Shin Jae-min

Ra-ra tells Shin Jae-min to think of a fun memory to make his piano tones more exciting. He tells her he cannot think of anything. Ra-ra gives Jun a list of baking ingredients so he gets them from the shop. Ra-ra bakes with Shin Jae-min to try and give him a fun memory. The pair then take the young boy out for jump rope. They have a good day as a group. Later on, Jun texts Ra-ra saying his heart is burning with passion which takes them both by surprise — Jun is embarrassed that he even sent that.

But what was truly sweet about the previous scenes is how appreciative the young boy was for a good day of baking and having fun — that will make anyone broody.

They are getting closer to Jun

The investigator looking for Jun now has his sights on Ra-ra. He knows about the piano academy, and he’s seeing if there’s a link with Jun.

The ex-wife is meddling

Eun-seok’s ex-wife spies on Eun-seok at the piano academy. She has no idea what is going on as there are loads of women chasing after him and asking him questions. Sook-Kyeong catches her and greets her warmly. She cuts the ex-wife’s hair. The ex-wife then heads next door and sees Shin Jae-min on the piano, and she wonders where the teacher is — she sees a photo of Ra-ra and is alarmed of how pretty she is.

Shin Jae-min’s happiness

Ra-ra visits Shin Jae-min’s father and tells him that it makes his son happy to play the piano. She shows him photos to prove it. The man asks Jun who he is; Jun pretends to be Ra-ra’s husband and that he runs the academy with her. When they leave, Ra-ra hits him over his crazy lie. Jun asks for his piano lesson.

He proves his piano skills

Jun shows Ra-ra how much he has improved on the piano. Ra-ra remembers all the good times with Jun — their moments and the times he helped. Ra-ra’s eyes fill with tears, and she tells him that it was a complete mess, but it was the most touching performance ever. Jun asks her out on a date.

The k-drama series does well to link the piano to intimate and emotional memories — it’s one of the main positives of the show.

The ending

The pair go for a drive and then head up mountains in a ropeway lift and take in the sights. Jun tells Ra-ra that he was depressed and then joy came to his life because of her. He thanks her for coming to him. He gives her his hand to hold, and she accepts it, and then they kiss.

Let’s all bear in mind that she has no idea who he is yet — I’m not sure of the laws in South Korea so I will not comment.

The investigator checks out the piano academy with a torchlight in the middle of the night. He sees a photo of Jun and smiles.

In the epilogue, it shows Ra-ra playing the piano in a competition. Afterward, someone who claims to be her number one fan gives her flowers. She has a photo with him — Jun was the one that took the photo.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 8 was a fairly informative chapter as the secret of Jun is edging closer, making the audience wonder how the other characters will react.

Additional points
  • Jun gathers a few seniors and teaches them how to use a phone.
  • Cha Joo-eun, Sook-Kyeong, and other women at the Beauty Salon talk about how sweet Kim Man-bok is and how he cared for his wife with dementia.
  • Eun-seok visits the salon and Sook-kyeong rallies her friends as she is nervous. The women all ask Eun-seok why he had a divorce, and he explains the situation.

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