Re/Member Ending Explained – Does Asuka succeed?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: February 15, 2023
Re/Member Ending Explained - Does Asuka succeed?

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Re/Member and will contain spoilers.

In Re/Member, a high school student and her friends are trapped in a time loop by a ghost and the only way to escape is to find the corpse of the ghost’s previous victim, as per the synopsis on IMDb. When Asuka (Kanna Hashimoto) sees the apparition of a dead student named Haruka, the student asks Asuka to go and find her. According to ancient lore, eight scattered pieces of Haruka’s body are around the school. While they try to find her remains, they also learn more about the Red Person ghost that took Haruka.

The Red Person preys on those who are alone and lures them to their death on the school grounds. This apparition will continuously show up and haunt the students until they exit the school grounds as well. It has been a cycle at the school over and over again, as one death is placed in another person’s hands to find the remains. The Red Person hunts lonely students, dismembers them, and places their body parts around the school.

The 24 hours become a cycle and they all get stuck in a time loop until they end up finding all the body parts.

Re/Member ending explained

How does Asuka kill the Red Person?

Asuka and her friends spend the majority of the film trying to find the body parts and along the way, they find more information about the Red Person. Unfortunately for them, they look for everything but the most important part; the head. They find out that there are others who have gone through the same twisted game as they have and try to get some pointers on what to do next. Mr. Yashiro was someone who had played the game and that it is being played all over the world so people won’t remember or have any recollection of what happens here.

Who dies?

The time loop is the main cause of their confusion. Many of her friends try to aim for the Red Person’s head and end up getting killed in the process. Shota is the one who does get eaten after attacking the creature with the rest of them. Like any good supernatural film, there is a chainsaw (conveniently) for them to use to take him down. In the process, Rumiko is pierced through the chest and Atsushi is eaten.

Who kills the Red Person?

Each member of the group had a way of attacking the Red Person, but it was ultimately Takahiro who chainsaws the creature’s head off. After doing that, the skull is on the ground ready for Asuka to pick up and use. Right after doing that, Takahiro is killed by the Red Person as well. The one way to kill any spirit is by using a crucifix which is what Asuka does. She replaces the head and breaks the cycle the next day.

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