Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 9 recap – Ra-ra is in dangerous trouble

November 4, 2020
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Episode 9 puts the story into third gear and finally gives the characters something to fight about.

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Episode 9 puts the story into third gear and finally gives the characters something to fight about.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 9 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Eun-seok and Ra-ra look out into the city. Ra-ra ponders over their newfound relationship, and admits that she never expected it to turn out like this — she’s happy that Jun has protected her, and given her joy. They both thank each other for being by each other’s side.

Everything has been simple so far, but episode 9 throws a few spanners in the works.

Director Chu has 100% found Jun

When they return to the piano academy, Jun senses that someone has been inside the building. Their concerns are immediately alleviated as they decide to play the piano together. Outside, Director Chu is listening to them both play; he rings Jun’s mother, but she cannot answer it as her husband is paranoid while laid next to her in bed. Director Chu sees another man outside and believes Jun’s mother has also hired him. This man ends up knocking director Chu out before running away. Sook-Kyeong finds director Chu and rings for help.

Kim Man-bok’s love story

Kim Man-bok tells his story of how he met his wife — he was a shoe cleaner, and his wife kept visiting his store; eventually, a romance blossomed between them. Ra-ra and Jun listen to the story and learn more about their old friend. When Ra-ra walks off, Jun admits he is not ready to tell Ra-ra the truth. Kim Man-bok empathises with him.

This secret is going to be dragged on and on until the very last minute — we can only wonder how Ra-ra will react.

The man returns

The man who attacked director Chu turns up for his piano lessons with Ra-ra, but he also brings flowers. Ra-ra is not happy with the flowers and asks him to back off. Sook-Kyeong’s friends show up and take the flowers and ask her out for lunch. This man is strange.

Ra-ra is irked by the man

The same man enters Jun’s store; Jun is irked by him and grabs him by the neck. They are split up, but Jun remembers him. Jun then speaks to Ra-ra and asks her to tell him if she receives gifts from an unknown sender. He’s afraid and protective of Ra-ra and asks if they could spend more time together that night. Ra-ra suggests a drive out together in the car.

The man hurts Shin Jae-min’s arm

Shin Min-jae’s piano skills have improved massively. Everyone is impressed, and he enters a competition. Before he rides with Ra-ra, he comes across the man who attacked Chu, and he hurts the boy’s shoulder, claiming that he’s meant to drive him to the competition. At the competition, Eun-seok notices that Min-jae is holding himself funny with his arm. When he gets on stage, Shin Jae-min plays with one hand and he cries while doing it. Eventually, he stops as he breaks down in tears. Ra-ra remembers when she was young and cried, and her father stood up and clapped. She stands up and claps for him.

Afterwards, Shin Jae-min’s arm is put in a sling. He tells Ra-ra that he didn’t want to let her down, which is why he carried on playing. Ra-ra reassures him that it’s not all about the competitions.

The ending

Later on, after a meal, Shin Jae-min tells Eun-seok that a man tried taking him to the competition and that’s when he dislocated his arm. Eun-seok learns that Ra-ra has gone missing and everyone is panicking. When Jun rings Ra-ra’s phone, they find it at the side of the road.

The ending

Jun finds the man and follows him. He finds an address on a letter outside an apartment that names the man An Jung-ho. Inside the place, there are loads of photos of Ra-ra on a wall.

In the epilogue, it shows that Ra-ra has bumped into An Jung-ho before and he was immediately transfixed by her. He stole her purse and took her student ID.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 9 puts the story into third gear and finally gives the characters something to fight about.

Additional points
  • Ha-yeong continues to be mean to Ra-ra due to her crush on Sunwoo Jun .
  • Eun-seok’s ex-wife researches Ra-ra and wonders why she opened a piano academy.

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