Surf Girls Hawai’i Season 1 Review – A worthwhile, bingeable sports docuseries

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 17, 2023 (Last updated: August 11, 2023)
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Surf Girls Hawai'i Season 1 Review - A worthwhile bingeable sport docuseries


Watching people chase their dreams will never get old, and Surf Girls Hawai’i is an informative look at the world of surfing and those chasing their dreams.

This review of the Prime Video series Surf Girls Hawai’i Season 1 does not contain spoilers.

Moana Jones Wong, Ewe Wong, Maluhia Kinimaka, Pua DeSoto, and Brianna Cope are five up-and-coming young stars in the world of surfing. They are featured on the brand new Prime Video docuseries Surf Girls Hawai’i

Surf Girls Hawai’i Season 1 review and plot summary

Surfer Girls Hawai’i is a four-part docuseries that takes us behind the scenes of five young surfers who are trying to navigate training and life while competing against other surfers to reach the top of the podium.

When we meet these five ladies, each of them represents different levels of where they are in life, but each of them has a common goal. That said, what the filmmakers wisely do is show the difficulty of becoming not just a surfer but a competition-level one. The costs are high, and the younger girls have to rely on their parents to pay for things until they are good enough to warrant sponsors looking their way. That type of thing can take time and take a toll on the competitor, the families, and even makes them do a double take on whether they are heading down the right path.

Of course, we are following these five ladies who are trying to compete and win championships, but getting to see the training aspect of how they get there was very cool to watch. It’s not just about being on the board, but all the things that could happen off the board are equally important to ensure that you are prepared for the worst while on the water.

The level of respect I gained for surfers was really high when I watched Apple TV+‘s Make or Break earlier this year. Surf Girls Hawai’i only heightens that respect because surfers don’t get nearly enough credit for what they have to do. Like in any sport, there are your high-tier athletes, but the competition for something as little as getting a sticker for your board makes the levels of surfing massively difficult.

The filmmakers wisely utilize this stunning location of Hawaii to enrich the experience. I mean, you look at these beautiful atmospheres and appreciate more than just the surfers but the elements that surround them.

Is Surf Girls Hawai’i good or bad?

Surf Girls Hawai’i is for a niche audience of fans that like surfing or those who love watching and learning about things. I fit more in the latter, and because of that, I really enjoyed this docuseries. Not only do the creators not waste the audience’s time by making it eight to ten episodes, but they give us four fantastic crips episodes that make it an easy binge.

Is Surf Girls Hawai’i worth watching?

If you were a fan of Make or Break, Surf Girls Hawai’i is definitely within that same vein and worthy of checking out. If you haven’t seen that show or are unsure of whether or not this will be up your alley, still give it a look. Of course, you learn about the surfers, but you gain this new appreciation for the sport by watching these people fight for what they love and refuse to give up.

We all love our go-to sports, but these underappreciated ones need our love, and this docuseries was another eye-opener for the world of surfing. It’s worth investing your time into watching.

What did you think of Surf Girls Hawai’i Season 1? Comment below.

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