‘Charmed’ (2018) Episode 18 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 22, 2019
Rebooted Charmed Episode 18 The Replacement Recap


Charmed Episode 18, “The Replacement”, did the usual method of squashing in as many plot points as possible.

This recap of Charmed Episode 18, “The Replacement”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

After a two week break from the rebooted Charmed, it’s back! Did you miss it? I certainly didn’t, but a part of me wants no more breaks so that I can finally stop writing about it. Episode 18, “The Replacement”, deals with Galvin’s returns, but also the new White Lighter, Tessa. The Charmed Ones predictably do not warm to her; they want Harry back. She does appear controlling, but she is eager to prepare the witches for whatever is coming and prepare for battle. The only issue is, the Charmed Ones do not trust the Elders.

“The Replacement” deals with more relationship problems; Niko continues to brainstorm the location of Mel (Melonie Diaz), asking for more information on the Sarcana. This time, her presence was more convenient as she is hosting a private event for her girlfriend at the same bar Mel works at. Macy (Madeleine Mantock) deals with the return of Galvin, who has artifacts from his journey that can cure her “darkness” – the only problem is, she does not want to be cured anymore. I’d be fuming. Putting relationship problems aside, there is a new demon in town killing people, and Tessa wants them to figure it out.

Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) believes the house has been attacked, but Tessa cannot hear the same noises, explaining that she is an empath, so she can use her powers to find the demon. Macy explains to Galvin that she doesn’t want to cure her darkness, and he surprisingly takes it well, which becomes important later. But it wouldn’t be Charmed without a political theme to throw down our necks; Maggie is exploring the fact she is black after finding out that she shares the same father as Macy, looking at black-only scholarships.

Now, I’d be happy with this story if it wasn’t just shunted into a random episode. “The Replacement” handles this atrociously; when Maggie explains her concerns about exploring her “black side”, Macy is almost despondent. It was virtually like Macy was fuming that her sister wants to be considered black, or she felt nothing at all and provided zero advice – what’s the point?

Anyway, back to Galvin – he was only accepting earlier because a demon has compromised him, and after killing Mother Ros, the voices are getting louder in Maggie’s head. She uses her empath to speak to the dead Mother and figures out that Galvin is behind the murders.

“The Replacement” becomes about stopping the controlled Galvin as Macy quickly figures out that something is wrong; on the other hand, Tessa is adamant that they must stab the demon, while Macy wants to use her darkness to help him. She stops his heart to get rid of the beast and nearly kills Galvin. The demon takes Macy, giving the usual battle where the Charmed Ones figure out how to kill it.

With another demon dead, “The Replacement” sees Tessa laying down the law to the Charmed Ones, but they insist they prefer Harry’s methods. Macy has to uncomfortably tell the real Galvin that she does not want the cure and after all the grafting he went through to attain the artifacts, he is understandably upset, breaking up with her in the process. Niko and Mel argue, forcing Mel to reveal that she is a witch. Episode 18 ends on a cliffhanger, as Mel finds the Sarcana slaughtered; Jada reveals that Fiona performed the atrocities, living up to the prophecy.

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