‘Charmed’ (2018) Episode 17 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 1, 2019 (Last updated: December 29, 2023)
Charmed Episode 17 Surrender Recap


Luckily in Episode 17, “Surrender”, you are worried about Harry, because, without that story strand, it would have been a dull, unimaginative chapter.

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The latest installment of the rebooted Charmed puts Harry’s (Rupert Evans) life in danger, as the Elders have learnt of his abuse of the policies set by them, and his dealings with Charity (Virginia Williams). As usual, the Elders do not weigh the consequences, and ruthlessly strip Harry of all his powers, meaning he is aging rather quickly, catching up to his old self, presumably to his deceased state. Episode 17, “Surrender”, was more about Harry’s temporary demise though.

Despite Mel’s (Melonie Diaz) best efforts to stay away from Niko, she keeps on appearing, but this time her presence has unveiled a demon who is trying to suck the soul out of ten women for his gain. “Surrender” sees the Charmed Ones sidetracked; they want to help Harry, but they also need to stop women from getting hurt by this strange soul-sucking demon.

There’s also Jada’s dealing with Fiona (Leah Pipes); the witch who has returned is bubbling all her energy to lay out all her plans. Mel half breaks up with Jada, but you can sense that deep down she is turned by the two romances she is managing in her life. The problem is, Niko is becoming more and more exposed by magic.

The most amusing aspect of “Surrender” is the show’s creators to make Harry look as old as possible. It was an okay job I suppose, but the make-up effects made it appear like theatre and TV. Maybe MCU’s decision to CGI Samuel L Jackson to look younger was the right call.

Charmed Episode 17 Surrender Recap

There’s also the running story of Macy (Madeleine Mantock) trying to remove her demon side, but on the flipside, Parker (Nick Hargrove) is infected by his father, so Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) is also involved in the demon-removal project.

Maggie offers to be seduced by the demon in the end, but she is under his spell too aggressively, to the point that she attacks Mel who is trying to help her. Macy manages to diffuse the situation and defeat the demon and save the women. Another tick in the box for the Charmed Ones, in the show’s usual manner of fitting as much exposition into the plot as possible. Mel has a job on her hands, as Niko believes that she is always there every time something unusual is occurring.

Episode 17, “Surrender”, ends with Fiona wanting the Charmed Ones in debt to her and offers to save Harry. Her timescale for saving him was not given a deadline, which would have made me highly suspicious. She takes Harry down into the vortex and renews his younger-looking self, but in a twist, she extracts a range of information from him; what she wanted to obtain from Harry is unknown to the audience, but her sinister behavior when she teleports Harry elsewhere suggests she has a plan. Also, Jada seems to be under her orders.

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