‘Chambers’ Episode 6 – “With Grace and Gratitude” | Netflix TV Recap

April 26, 2019
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Chambers Episode 6 With Grace and Gratitude Recap


Sasha’s world is falling apart in Episode 6, “With Grace and Gratitude”, as Becky begins to take over.

This recap of Chambers Episode 6, “With Grace and Gratitude” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

So, what’s up with Yvonne’s (Kyanna Simone Simpson) mother? Episode 6, “With Grace and Gratitude”, serves a convenient flashback, teaching Yvonne about Motherboards, before randomly going outside to stop an ambulance from getting into an accident. Who was in the ambulance? Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose). As for Sasha, whose world is beginning to fall apart as she tries to cut the scar out of the palm of her hand, while Ben (Tony Goldwyn) and Nancy (Uma Thurman) are enjoying a spot of yoga to overcome their spiraling grief.

Frank (Marcus LaVoi) is terrible at cover-ups, telling Sasha that her car has been stolen (we know he sold it to pay off the loan). He soon panics after telling Ben, who has a tracking device on the car, so insists he will deal with it himself as he is already liaising with the police.

“With Grace and Gratitude” delves into Ben’s theory, who tells Ruth he believes that Becky’s spirit is in Sasha. That theory makes the most sense at this stage, especially as Yvonne’s mother is protecting her from Sasha.

Nancy gives Sasha a routine creepy visit in Episode 6, providing her with beads that apparently offer protection. She confesses that she believes that Becky is inside of her. Ben finds out that Nancy did not burn everything in the Releasing Ceremony; she’s been found out.

Chambers Episode 6 With Grace and Gratitude Recap

Sasha tries to regain normalcy in “With Grace and Gratitude” by attending TJ’s (Griffin Powell-Arcand) special speech. She is determined to ignore Becky, but she is fighting against something that feels far more powerful; at the speech the room looks empty, only to see Becky in the middle coughing up blood and rodents. Becky takes control of Sasha, and ruins the ceremony, and more likely her relationship.

Sasha is continually going in circles and decides that she must find out more truths and visits Harrison. She learns that her mother used to be a drug addict; a fact that Frank has kept from her. Meanwhile, Yvonne has own mother problems, who has spelled out to her that “Sasha will destroy me”.

After Ben learns of Nancy not burning everything, they reconcile. These two have a healthy marriage to overcome all these dramas. They both confirm they believe Becky is inside Sasha, and Ben is adamant that they should let her daughter be free and at peace. But Nancy believes Becky is trying to explain something to them.

Episode 6, “With Grace and Gratitude”,  ends with a blowout between Sasha and Frank. Sasha is upset that Frank never told her the truth about her mother, and with Yvonne not allowing her to stay over for the night, she has no choice but to reside at Ben and Nancy’s. Surely this is not a good move for Sasha?

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