‘Chambers’ Episode 5 – “Murder on My Mind” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 26, 2019
Chambers Episode 5 Murder on My Mind Recap


Episode 5, “Murder on My Mind”, sends the audience on wild goose chases, but catches you by surprise, as the story starts to unravel.

This recap of Chambers Episode 5, “Murder on My Mind” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

At the start of Episode 5, “Murder on My Mind”, Elliot (Nicholas Galitzine) is watching TV; he hears the sound of someone getting electrocuted and immediately picks up the phone to warn about Becky’s impending death (Lilliya Scarlett Reid). In the present day, Chambers turns into a murder mystery – Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) and Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) create a theory on Ben (Tony Goldwyn) killing Becky. Sasha decides to visit Penelope (Lilli Kay) to try and gauge the idea, but she denies it, stating that Ben is the normal and nice person in the entire family; in a creepy moment, Sasha starts talking like Becky.

But with Becky dead, Penelope has a new girl, and “Murder on My Mind” reveals she is now attaching herself to Sasha, and Marnie (Sarah Mezzanotte) markedly spots the change in behavior.

In regards to Nancy (Uma Thurman), she desperately wants to remove her pseudopregnancy and gets advice from Ruth.

The bond loan is not getting prettier for Frank (Marcus LaVoi), with the business he borrowed money from placing an extremely high interest rate on the money. Frank’s story is far-fetched because the interest is such an absurd and short term, which he is confident of paying back, that one must wonder why he didn’t get the money himself. The loan is $1,500, and the interest accrues to $10k – someone is not doing the maths. Meanwhile, Sasha accuses Penelope of murder in her wild investigation, but Penelope spins it back, accusing Ben of covering for Elliot.

While the investigation points to Elliot, he is attending a Narcotics Anonymous, spilling the beans of how he feels. Due to not getting invited to a party by his friend Ravi, he confesses that he wants to kill him.

Episode 5, “Murder on my My Mind”, turns into a truth-seeking chapter rather than a murder mystery, as Sasha is flagrantly making no progress. She decides to enter the lair of her accusations directly, turning up at Ben and Nancy’s house. Elliot is not there, but she joins them for dinner. Nancy goes to the bathroom and starts aggressively scratching her stomach until it starts going red. Ruth inadvertently causes a showdown, revealing that Elliot attacked Becky, forcing Sasha to blurt out that she believes Elliot killed her. In a moment of clarity for Sasha, Nancy asks her why she was naked in Becky’s shower. I think Ben is now crossed off the list of being a perv; he was saving her from embarrassment.

Next stop, the party that Elliot was not invited to, but he attends anyway and begins drinking. He shoves off Ravi and enters one of the caravans, where he says acronyms that suspiciously looks like “Becky loves Ravi”. Sasha turns up and confronts Elliot, but he denies all accusations and changes the song at the party, which disturbs Ravi.

Ravi loses it, entering the caravan and in a heated moment reveals that he was there when Becky died – she killed herself. Ravi was in love with Becky.

While the party is unraveling, Chambers gives us a window where the parents are intimate with each other, laying on the bed watching memories of Becky, confessing that they took it too far with Sasha. In the car, Elliot explains that he felt Becky die that night, and because he warned others at the same moment, she killed herself; while in rehab, his father had to protect him. In a moment I was taken back by, he returns home and emotionally hugs his dad.

At the end of Episode 5, Yvonne’s mother attacks Sasha. The words she was blurting out were creepy and felt relatable to the issues that Sasha is having. The man who is working for Frank rings someone called Evan and says, “that thing you wanted, I got it”. Chambers may have been a shortlived murder mystery, but there is way more that needs to be figured out.

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