‘Chambers’ Episode 4 – “2 for 1” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 26, 2019
Chambers Episode 4 2 for 1 Recap - Netflix Series


Slow moving but gathering the pieces together, Chambers Episode 4, “2 for 1”, revolves mostly around family issues.

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Chambers Episode 4, “2 For 1”, delved in the family issues more than the spiraling darkness that is consuming Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose). It provides more depth to the Netflix series. Episode 4 zones in on Uncle Frank (Marcus LaVoi), revealing that he signed a liability waiver when the transplant became available. In the present day, Sasha looks drained from the night before from the chopped mouse tail event. Frank is too distracted to see Sasha’s wellbeing deteriorating due to his wavering lifestyle; he visits a bonds loan company so he can pay off his debts, and he is heckled by a friend of the family who is has been sending Sasha cedar, explaining that darkness surrounds her.

Sasha is determined to explore the “darkness” in “2 for 1”, bravely asking TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand) what happens when people die. He half-mocks her, explaining that sometimes a Chindi is left behind, a dark spirit that attaches itself to a person. Sasha’s luck improves, with Penelope (Lilli Kay) sharing the webcam footage. At the same time, Episode 4 reveals that Penelope wears wigs to cover up the burns from the steam room.

“2 for 1” explores the mother/son relationship between Nancy (Uma Thurman) and Elliot (Nicholas Galitzine). She offers to take him to his community service, and in an out of character moment decides to order food from a burger joint. Elliot notices she orders a mint milkshake, sending Elliot into a slight emotional frenzy; Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) enjoyed mint milkshakes. We learn that Elliot used to take heroin, but also that he regrets his last words to Becky.

Chambers Episode 4 2 for 1 Recap - Netflix Series

After revealing that Yvonne’s (Kyanna Simone Simpson) mum suffers some form of degenerative disease, she lets Sasha use her computer to view the videos. The footage shows Becky’s room, and the same song that Sasha heard in the car when the radio was off is played. Chambers reaches a disturbing moment, with one of the videos showing Sasha in her room, dancing in the same night dress to the same song. Yvonne and Sasha agree to break into Ben (Tony Goldwyn) and Nancy’s house in the hope that if they reenact the video, it will provide much-needed answers.

Before the reenactment, it is revealed that Ben has been spying on Sasha with a tracker on the car. Sasha distracts Ben with broken windscreen wipers for him to fix and goes into Becky’s bedroom. She tries to reenact the footage, but her heartbeat heightens, and she collapses, ending up at hospital; she seems scared of Ben – is the father the cause of Becky’s demise?

Nancy is also in a hospital to see a doctor about her vomiting and chest pains. The mammogram comes back negative, but it does reveal that she is pregnant. Nancy is adamant that she has had no sex with her husband for six months, and the doctor theorizes that it could be a pseudopregnancy. Forgetting to pick up Elliot, she has a panic attack in the car.

Episode 4, “2 for 1”, ends with a blood test for Sasha; as she speaks to Yvonne regarding her theories, she sees a fox enter her room with blood on the animal’s fur – Yvonne cannot see it. The chapter closes with the nurse giving the blood sample to a random stranger in a blacked out car.

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