‘Chambers’ Episode 3 – “Bad Inside” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 26, 2019
Chambers Episode 3 Bad Inside Recap - Netflix Series


Chambers Episode 3, “Bad Inside”, shows Sasha fearing the worse about her transplant, in a compelling chapter that is sometimes a little slow.

This recap of Chambers Episode 3, “Bad Inside” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Chambers Episode 3, “Bad Inside”, for the most part, shows Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) trying to accept the death of Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) while the strange occurrences niggle at her mind. She hands out wristbands in memory of Becky, and there is a sense that she is slowly losing her personality. Sasha also wants to know who has the burned wrist from the video camera.

Sasha finds out some hidden truths in “Bad Inside” as Chambers slowly leaks out the secrets. She is paired up with Ravi, Marnie’s (Sarah Mezzanotte) boyfriend, and as she converses with the boy, she dazes out slightly. We know that Ravi and Becky had sex in the visions Sasha had. Sasha also sees a burn on Penelope’s (Lilli Kay) wrist in class. The first question of Episode 3 is – did Penelope put the camera in Becky’s room?

The reveals put Sasha back into investigation mode. Elliot (Nicholas Galitzine), who was irrationally moody with her earlier regarding the car, makes amends, allowing Sasha to ask about Penelope; it rounds out that Elliot believes she was a stalker of Becky, essentially becoming her shadow.

Sasha seems more comfortable in Chambers now when it comes to Becky’s parents, returning some of the deceased girl’s belongings from the car. Ben (Tony Goldwyn) notices that Sasha had made an impressive bowline, despite that she has never sailed – Becky used to sail; “Bad Inside” continues plucking up the similar traits that Sasha has seemingly inherited.

Finally, Episode 3 gave us some answers regarding the burned wrist – just who is Penelope? Sasha confronts her, and Penelope gives her an account of how sinister Becky was; Becky locked Penelope in a steam room, which caused the burns. But is that a valid account? I guess we will find out.

Chambers Episode 3 Bad Inside Recap - Netflix Series
There is a routine theme in “Bad Inside” surrounding overcoming grief; Ben is doing meditation in Episode 3, which involves practicing the technique of ridding pain and intentionally burning himself; the audiobook he is listening to states, “pain can be replaced with pain”.

By this point in Chambers, Sasha wants to understand what is happening to her. She decides to visit a store that investigates the energy around your body, your aura. When the woman uses the technology that generates a photo, she freaks out, asking if Sasha has a twin. Sasha finally breaks down, and in an emotional plea, tells her Uncle Frank (Marcus LaVoi) that something is genuinely wrong, that there is something bad inside her. Frank makes the usual parent-type approach which is suggesting that the only solution is seeing a doctor.

Predictably, the doctor refutes her theories of transplant patient stories where people are miraculously no longer scared of heights. He brings it down to a simple conclusion that she is suffering from severe anxiety and prescribes Sasha with medication that sits outside their insurance. Meanwhile, Nancy (Uma Thurman) is trying to overcome her grief by doing long runs, and comes across a fawn that runs alongside her; she believes this was a message from Becky, but as the camera pans away from Nancy, the fawn has been eaten by loads of rodents.

Episode 3, “Bad Inside”, ends with Sasha believing the medication works and learning from the college counselor that the steam room malfunctioned, ridding the theory that Becky intentionally hurt Penelope. As Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) leaves her house, Sasha begins chopping vegetables, but then a sudden urge compels her to cut off her mouse’s tail. She freaks out and resides in her bedroom, panicking and breathing. Pills do not always work.

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