‘Chambers’ Episode 2 – “Right to Know” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 26, 2019
Chambers Episode 2 Right to Know Recap - Netflix Series


A slightly similar routine to the previous chapter, Episode 2, “Right to Know”, sees the main character questioning her strange experiences.

This recap of Chambers Episode 2, “Right to Know” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 2, “Right to Know”, presents Becky’s (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) flatline at the start, to solidify the premise of Chambers being as much about her as Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose). What is abundantly clear is that Sasha is coming to the daunting realization that her experiences are not ordinary; the central character has started using Google as a doctor’s advice hub, to see if the events surrounding her are normal. As if life could not get even more uncomfortable for Sasha, she has been invited to Becky’s Releasing Ceremony.

A Releasing Ceremony is when you celebrate a deceased person’s life by burning all their favorite things in one massive fire. Nancy (Uma Thurman) is shaken by the prospect of Sasha attending; the mother’s mental instability is growing aggressively since Episode 1. Sasha’s visions and dreams are becoming regular as well, and while having sex with TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand), she sees another man, which we learn later on in “Right to Know”, is the boyfriend of Marnie (Sarah Mezzanotte).

Episode 2, “Right to Know”, became an “against all the odds” story for Sasha. With her journey to college laborious with the tiresome bus commute, she seems to have the natural ability to pick up various skills in quick fashion, achieving high scores in class much to Marnie’s surprise. The significant plot reveal came when she attended her first fencing lesson and quickly overcame Marnie in practice. Marnie quips that she must join the team because she’s ambidextrous, but the mystery deepens, as Sasha states she’s only ever been right-handed.

Chambers Episode 2 Right to Know Recap - Netflix Series

I was astonished that Sasha decided to attend the Releasing Ceremony. I certainly would stay away from this creepy family as much as possible. Sasha peruses through Becky’s stuff, and the fragile Nancy catches her. Her anger is shortlived, and she puts one of Becky’s favorite dresses on Sasha. Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) finds a camera; someone was spying on Becky – what made Becky so special? Even the Releasing Ceremony did not provide that answer in “Right to Know”.

As the fire burns at the Releasing Ceremony, Sasha experiences several quick flashbacks involving Becky. Once the drama of the fire settles, Sasha gets curious about the Tasmanian masks on the wall, with Ben (Tony Goldwyn) and Nancy instantly conversing with her about them. Episode 2 is trying to give the audience the theory of voodooism. In the act of suspicious kindness (again), Ben and Nancy give Sasha Becky’s old car, much to Elliot’s (Nicholas Galitzine) disappointment, as he expected the vehicle. The gift also concerns uncle Frank (Marcus LaVoi), and they have a brief argument about the family’s kindness. If you remember in Episode 1, Frank was on board with the family offers, while Sasha was uncomfortable with it; the tables have turned.

Episode 2, “Right to Know”, ends involving Becky’s old car. Sasha finds an old drawing book, presumably Becky’s work. It’s full of masks like the ones we saw at the Releasing Ceremony and sinister images of Becky. As she researches the drawing book further, her life is quickly put in danger, as unknown energy starts strangling her neck, forcing her to take Becky’s old dress off. A brief eye is seen in a tiny hole above her in the ceiling.

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