The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – who is Kevdak?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 3, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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“A Test of Pride” is gory and gripping, offering a great backstory for Grog and his Goliath clan. This is superb storytelling that sets up an enthralling finale. Another trio of installments that end with a tantalizing cliffhanger.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 9, “A Test of Pride,” which contains spoilers.

Every time the city of Westruun is mentioned or the gauntlet vestiges for that matter, Grog (voiced by Travis Willingham) seems to cower in shame. Well, in “A Test of Pride” we finally get to see what that backstory is all about. This installment focuses on Grog’s troubled past and the Goliath half-giants, who now command Westruun. Via intricate flashbacks, viewers are shown Grog’s past in gripping detail. This episode focuses entirely on Grog, Pike (Ashley Johnson), and Scanlan’s (Sam Riegel) adventures as they try to free the survivors of Westruun, amidst the dragon’s siege.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

The episode opens with one of these flashbacks. Kevdak (Ralph Ineson) and his Goliath army destroy a village, killing innocent villagers in a brutal fashion. As the village burns to the ground, Kevdak praises one of the soldiers, who happens to be a youthful Grog. The twist being that he was once a violent villain. The creators then revert back to the present day. Pike, Grog, and Scanlan hide out in a barn, looking in on the desolation of Westruun. This city has been completely destroyed and abandoned, but there are still survivors living among the destruction and the half-giant Goliaths still run the ruins of this place.

Who is Grog’s uncle?

Grog admits to the harsh truth, his uncle and the Goliath’s leader, Kevdak, is inside that city, leading the herd. There’s bad blood between Grog and Kevdak. He knew all about Kevdak’s powerful gauntlets, but he didn’t know that they were vestiges. Pike suggests they survey the city, to see what is actually going on inside. Grog pleads with them to stay out of it, to wait until the Vox Machina returns, but Pike wants to help anyone she can. Scanlan, who has noticed Pike’s subtle advances decides to infiltrate the city, to earn Pike’s respect. He morphs into a mosquito and buzzes into the city.

How did Wilhand help Grog?

While Scanlan proves his bravery, Grog opens up to Pike in the barn. He says he’s not nervous, but ashamed. He once fought alongside Kevdak in the herd and he did many bad things during those traumatic times. A flashback illustrates Grog’s violent past. He helped kill lots of innocent people, yet that all changed when he met Wilhand, Pike’s great great grandfather. Wilhand showed Grog some humanity and he forever changed in that moment.

Kevdak’s son Zanror entered Wilhand’s home, just as Grog is hesitating. Zanror goes to kill the old man, but Grog stops him. The two cousins fight and Grog helps Wilhand escape. The gnome says that he will one day repay Grog for his kindness, before fleeing. Kevdak hears of Grog’s treachery and confronts the Goliath. Zanror and Grog battle, then Kevdak beats Grog to a pulp, calling him a spineless traitor. Grog fights back and takes one of Kevdak’s eyes, but the uncle uses his gauntlet’s powers to defeat the boy. Kevdak then banishes Grog from the herd.

In the present day, Pike is shocked to hear this story. She never knew it was Grog, but a youthful Pike helped heal Grog, alongside Wilhand. They nursed Grog back to life and saved him, just like he saved them. Grog tells Pike that he failed to stop Kevdak, they killed many people for no reason. Pike reassures Grog, stating that he has changed and improved over the years. She hugs her best buddy, as the sound of Umbrasyl returning, fills the air.

Scanlan the mosquito buzzes into the city. He sees Zanror and the other Goliath’s collecting their loot for the dragons. Zanror is tired of his father’s allegiance with the Conclave and wants to take over as their leader. Scanlan’s powers wear off and he returns to his gnome body. He hides from the half-giants and discovers a clan of survivors lurking in the shadows. Scanlan is surprised to hear that he is famous in these parts and the survivors’ leader, Kaylie asks for his help in escaping.

What are Umbrasyl’s demands?

Umbrasyl makes a rather loud and destructive arrival in the city. Ripley dismounts from the dragon’s back and Umbrasyl appears to be carrying the Mythcarver sword. Kevdak appears and brings out their small offering of gold. Ripley is unimpressed with the offering and asks Umbrasyl why they don’t just take Kevdak’s vestiges from him. Umbrasyl responds, stating that the half-giants are still of use. Kevdak endeavors to find more gold, willing to expand his efforts further afield. Umbrasyl voices his displeasure and gives Kevdak a final ultimatum. If he doesn’t return with a better offering, the dragon will take his arms and the vestiges next. Zanror argues with his father and demands that they end this allegiance with the dragons. Angered by the mutiny, Kevdak beats his son in front of the others.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Worried that Scanlan has been captured, Pike and Grog orchestrate their own plan. Grog covers himself in pig’s blood and drags Pike into the city, telling the guards that he has a killing to take to his uncle. While they infiltrate Westruun, Scanlan leads a mission to escape the city. He uses a magical flute to aid in their escape, and then they bump into Grog and Pike. The trio are reunited and hug one another in celebration.

They continue their escape efforts, but Grog decides to stay. He wants to face his uncle once and for all. Pike and Scanlan try to persuade Grog to leave, after all he is weak, it would be a suicide mission. But Grog won’t listen, this is his one chance to prove himself and stand up for the little guy. Kevdak hurls his son Zanror over the balcony into the crowd, warning the others of the consequences of this betrayal. He asks if anyone will challenge him, and Grog steps out from the rest, shouting up to his uncle, ‘Remember me?’

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